Krua Urban Thai - An Awesome Addition To South Austin's Food Scene

Krua Urban Thai Food Austin

Since moving to Austin I’ve spent alot of my spare time checking out cool restaurants, bars and food trucks.

Eating out is definitely one of my ultimate favourite hobbies. I decided it’s time to start documenting my eating adventures again just as I did when I lived in England.
I’ve discovered that Austin has an amazing selection of tacos, BBQ and Mexican food however I’ve been disappointed with the lack of options for good authentic Thai food. I guess I was spoiled when I lived in Leeds, UK because we had not one but three amazing Thai street food restaurants pretty much across the street from where we lived. With another two outstanding more upscale Thai restaurants within 20 minute walking distance. I love food from different cuisines around the world but I crave good Thai food the most.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lithuania

7 Reasons To Visit Lithuania

Last summer me and the boy went on holiday to Lithuania.

That’s where I’m originally from and he was curious to learn about my roots, and I was excited to explore the country as a tourist. Even though I was born in Lithuania I haven’t lived there for half of my life and never actually spent any time in the capital (Vilnius) so was looking forward to add that to my travel list. I was really surprised that in the whole week we spent in Lithuania we didn’t come across any English speaking tourists, or any tourists who were close to our age group. It’s seems that Lithuania is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. No one out of my group of friends has ever been there or know much about it (apart from what I tell them).

I decided to write this post to introduce some of you to this gorgeous country, a country that I think everyone should visit and here’s 7 reasons why.

3 Superfood Packed Easy Smoothie Recipes

Homemade smoothies make an amazing breakfast or a quick snack full of vitamins, minerals and other goodness. They're quick and easy to make and they taste amazing. With autumn aka cold and flu season swiftly on its way introducing smoothies into your daily diet is one of the easiest ways to boost your immune system. It's easy to pack an extra punch of superfood goodness into smoothies by adding some seeds and powders.

Below are my 3 favourite recipes:

Blueberry and Raspberry Breakfast Bowl

berry smoothie recipe

Changes Are Good - Mermaid Hair Don't Care

Blue haired girl

First of all I'll start this post with apologising with the few weeks of radio silence. I've been doing some travelling with a break to Vegas and to Colorado (posts about both coming soon!) and I've also hit a pretty bad writers block...but (hopefully) I am well and truly back with at least one weekly post.

During my teenage years I used to dye my hair all the time. I've had blond hair, blond hair with pink highlights, red, burgundy, purple, black you name it. I was really adventurous with my hair styles until one day during the last year of university when I was brushing my hair a big bunch of it started falling out and breaking off. That's when I decided so just grow it out and my adventurous fun hair phase was over. It was about a year and a half ago when I discovered a new treatment called Olaplex that I decided to get my hair colour again. I had a gorgeous blonde balayage which has lasted me a really long time but again it wasn't anything too adventurous.
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