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Hello there,

This post is the first of its kind on SUNNYDEI, and I am really excited because I've never done a blog giveaway before. 

Sweet Freedom - Gluten Free Pancakes of Dreams

I have to say I have loved pancakes ever since I was a child. My mama often made them for breakfast and we'd have them with all sorts of different topping combinations including home made strawberry jam, sugar and soured cream, and chocolatte spread. Now, since I've become an adult two things have happened:

1. I developed a gluten intolerance
2. I swear I can put on a kilo just by sniffing pancakes never mind eating them

However, I've been determined to come up with a pancake recipe that was both Gluten AND Guilt free. I present to you the recipe for my best creation yet  - Sweet Freedom - Gluten Free Pancakes of Dreams 

Healthy Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe

Inkwell Arts Vegetarian Cafe in Chappel Allerton

A couple of weeks ago, my friend suggested that for our lunch date we go somewhere a little different. Both of us spend most of our time in Leeds city centre so we decided to venture out to Chappel Allerton. She told me about Inkwell Arts Cafe, which is a vegetarian cafe set in a creative art space in Chappel Allerton.
Inkwell Arts cafe Chappel AllertonInkwell Art space is part of Leeds Mind Project, a national registered Charity supporting people experiencing mental health difficulties.

Bolongaro Trevor Leeds - SUNNYDEI Catwalk Debut

Couple of weeks ago I received what I thought was a very random request. I was asked if I would like to do some catwalk modelling at Bolongaro Trevor Halloween party in Leeds, of course I said yes! Immediately after I started worrying about falling on my face as the last time I did catwalk modelling was in Primary school and I was dressed as a strawberry ( I made a good strawberry!).

Me and a fellow catwalk model Saffron.
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