Bar Soba Leeds New Menu Launch

First impressions

I've popped in to Bar Soba in Leeds for a quick drink not too long after it first opened. I came in with my friends for a quick after work drink on a Thursday night. We had our drink at the downstairs bar and then left ( I had no idea there was an upstairs!!) I thought that the decor had some cool touches but was by no means blown away by the bar.
Bar Soba Leeds


Things You Have To Do in Thailand (Part 1)

This time two years ago I was backpacking around Thailand with my friend Jake. I can honestly say it's one of the best things I have ever ever done. If you're considering going to Thailand or somewhere else in Asia I would say just do it!

Thailand is a stunning country with luscious jungles, sandy golden beaches, AMAZING food and very happy, friendly people. 



Recently Sunnydei has turned 1! I really can't believe how fast the last year has flown.

It seems that it was only yesterday I decided that I wanted to become a Blogger.
I was always taking photos of places and things only to store on my computer to be forgotten about. I had tried setting up blogs before, but before long I would give up and there they would be left collecting dust in some distant corner of the internet.
Leeds based lifestyle blogger


Cryotherapy Treatment Pt 2

If you've recently been reading this little blog you'll have noticed that I currently having some Cryotherapy treatments. If you haven't then you're probably wondering what is cryotherapy?!

Cryotherapy is a liquid nitrogen vapour treatment which reaches below
-160°C, in order to trigger a physiological reaction to cold temperatures.
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