La Redoute Summer Party

Last year I fell in love with a new fashion fashion apparel - La Redoute and I have to say that the love affair is still going strong. They have such an awesome range of clothes, for pretty much every occasion! It's fair to say that when an email landed in my inbox with an invitation to La Redoute exclusive summer party at a secret location I was very excited and intrigued.

La Redoute Fashion

Manahatta Leeds - Review

Manahatta bar and restaurant in Leeds is situated on the bustling Merrion Street. It's a New York style bar and it's one of my favourite spots on a night out because of it's spacious, funky decor and great tunes.

Although I've danced many nights away on Manahattas dancefloor I have to say that I've never eaten there before...until now that is! I got invited to try the new healthy additions to the menu - power bowls and since I already love the place once the sun goes down I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see it in daylight for once too.

Food at  Manahatta Leeds

The Summer Menu at Malmaison Chez Mal Brasserie

Eating out is probably one of my very favourite pass times, what can I say I love food! It's fair to say that when the awesome Restaurants of Leeds invited me to come to the Malmaison to celebrate the launch of their new website and try out the summer menu in Chez Mal restaurant, I got very excited!
Chez Mal Brasserie review

Student Life Vs Grad Life

student life vs grad life

July is the month of graduations and it's hard to believe that I graduated three years ago! My life along with all of my friends who graduated has changed quite signifincantly so I thought I'd sum up some of the biggest changes you might be experience if you have recently graduated or are about to.

Top Tips For Taking Your Blog To The Next Level - Bloggers Brunch

Hello there! A little while ago I attended a bloggers brunch where we got to learn all sorts of tips and tricks from the super blogger Hannah Gale and Jaywing PR. I thought it would be just plain mean if I didn't share some of this blogging wisdom which got passed down to me.
cute stationary
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