USA Road Trip - Hooverdam an Grand Canyon

Travel posts are some of my absolute favourite to read because I live in a permanent state of wanderlust. They're also my favourite posts to write and I plan to have many many more feature on sunnydei, however they are also the most time consuming and that's the reason why this post about my USA roadtrip has been left in drafts for a few months now.
Last March me, the boy and our three friends went on a two week road trip around California, Arizona and Nevada. It was a trip filled with uncontrollable laughter, breathtaking sights and delicious foods. 

Grand Canyon Road Trip

Organic Vegan Superfood Breakfast

Can you believe that summer is over? I don't quite want to let go of sunshine filled summer evenings but as far as Autumn goes I think September is pretty nice. Although I like my trees very green, there is something magical about witnessing the leaves turn into the different shades of the sun slowly throughout the month. It also happens to be Organic September, a month in which I hope to eat and experiment with more organic ingredients!
First up I have come up with a breakfast combination that is absolutely mouth watering but also packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and other good stuff.

organic vegan muesli breakfast bowl

The Potting Shed Bingley Review

Leeds as a city is an ultimate foodies dream, we have so many incredible restaurants all over the city but sometimes it's good to venture a little further out - Bingley to be precise! I got invited to try out the new menu at the Potting Shed in Bingley. From the outside The Potting Shed looks like any other pub but as soon as I stepped inside I was very pleasantly surprised. 

The Potting shed BIngley Review
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