Making Friends With Donkeys At Meanwood Farm

I'm currently bogged down with a cold and I thought a good way to cheer myself up is by reminiscing about summer.

A couple of months ago, me and my friend Meagan had a wonderful day out at Meanwood Park.

Although I have lived in Leeds for four years now, I had never been there, in fact I had never even heard of it! I imagine most students probably haven't either, which is a real shame as it is super close to Headingley and Hyde Park meaning that it's perfectly accessible.

They have many friendly farm animals, a cafe,  childrens play area and some beautiful gardens full of lovely plants and flowers.

We tried making friends with the guinea pigs,  but they just weren't having any of it.

    The park has its own bunny and because he kept escaping his hutch he's now allowed to roam free.
    He was really cute and soft and totally loved all of the attention from all the visitors, big and small.

There is a river that runs through the farm so there were ducks and geese.

    The goats and donkeys liked us the best. They were so friendly and tame.

    Just look at that little face, how cute is this girl?

    They even have Alpacas! I have never even met one in real life before.

    The donkeys really loved all of the attention.

 As well as little chicks there were also some full grown chickens around and this particular one was a great poser!

    A honey bee busy at work.

After visiting Meanwood Valley Urban Farm I now really want to own a farm. It's a lovely place to spend Saturday or Sunday afternoon! They even have a farm shop where you can buy eggs that have been layed by their hens and vegetables that have been grown in their beautiful gardens. As if that's not enough they also provide volunteering opportunities and best of all it's completely free!

You can find the farm at - Sugar Well Rd, Leeds, LS72QG

Learn more about on the farm their website HERE, or connect with the farm on Twitter @MeanwoodFarm


A Foodie Weekend in London

Last weekend we took a trip down to London, to celebrate Ol's (my darling boy) mums birthday, it was a weekend filled with lots of walking, sunshine and glorious food!
We visited the Borough market which sold so many homemade gourmet meats, cheeses, cakes, teas and everything in between! If you love food you should definitely pay it a visit. 

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