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I really enjoy publishing fashion posts and that's something I'd like to get more into in the future. However, I also think that often fashion blog posts can be a little static SO me and the beautiful Gabby from whatshebuys decided to team up and have some fun!

Fashion bloggers Leeds

Exercise In The Office

This is officially my first ever fitness post on sunnydei (wooo) hopefully the first of many!
I work in an office and spend about 80% of my working week sat at my desk in front of a computer. This means that I spend most of my time being extremely inactive. This makes me feel pretty sluggish and unhealthy most of the time, I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Luckily, there are some little things you can do in the office to get more active.

Powwownow are holding a Flexible Working Campaign and have invited me  to get involved by sharing an exercise that can easily be achieved in the office.

One of the easiest exercises to do in the office are Office Chair Squats


Gröstl Recipe - A Taste Of The Mountains

Winter is made for comfort food so when Branded3 invited me to try a recipe from 'Taste Of The Mountains' competition by Ski Total  I simply couldn't say no.
There were three dishes to choose from and I decided to go for Gröstl.
Gröstl is one of Austria's most popular dishes in the winter months. After trying it, I can really see why. It's easy to make, filling and absolutely delicious!


Thailand Adventure and Travel Advice Part 2

Two years ago I went backpacking around Thailand with my buddy Jake. Thailand is a beautiful country with luscious jungles, sandy beaches, amazing food and very happy, friendly people. Going travelling after I graduated was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

You can see part one of this post and a list of things to do here

Thailand Travel Advice
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