Spring Styling - New Kylie Glasses

Fashion blogger wearing glasses

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer and everything is blossoming. Spring is finally here! It’s a season of new beginnings and change. In spirit of this I have decided to update my look with some new glasses.

Look After Yourself - A Sunnydei Wellness Guide

Spring blooms

When our working and personal lives get hectic usually the first thing we neglect is ourselves. We’re often putting work or other people first but sometimes we just need to take some time for ourselves. From my experience if you look after yourself it will be much easier to juggle all the other important things in your life.
Below is my personal wellness guide which will help you look after your physical and mental health with tips which you can include in your daily routine and some of my favourite well being products.

Egg and Chorizo Breakfast Skillet Recipe (Gluten Free)

Egg and Chorizo Breakfast
I’ll start this blog post by going straight to the point: this egg and chorizo breakfast skillet recipe is absolutely delicious. I love having eggs for breakfast but they can get a little boring and this recipe really spices things up. It’s healthy, it’s very flavoursome and very easy to make.

Zadar Weekend Adventure - Things To Do

Zadar Croatia Architecture

One sunny and very warm summer evening me and my friend Kate were drinking cooled wine on the terrace and decided that we needed a holiday. There and then we put a credit card to good use and booked a getaway to Zadar in Croatia. I am now so thankful for our spontaneity on that gorgeous sunny evening as it gave us the opportunity to explore, make memories and soak up the last of the summer sunshine. Below I share with you the things you must do if you visit!
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