Pie & Beer at Shooters Sports Bar Leeds

Like sports? In particular Rugby and Football? Throughout the Rugby World Cup Shooters are offering a pie and beermatch up for each of the competing nations.
Shooters Bar Leeds Food

Wine Tasting At The Decanter

The Decanter Leeds Wine Bar
One very chilly and sunny Sunday I and some other lovely local bloggers got invited to a Wine Tasting at The Decanter in Leeds. The Decanter is a very cosy and sophisticated wine bar nestled on the Headrow. Their decor is beautiful, classic and timeless and the atmosphere of the bar is really intimate. 
In the last few years, it seems that my taste buds have matured and now I really do enjoy a good glass of red or white wine, however I'm by no means an expert. 

New Hair And Nails At XS Hair

I think the easiest way for to update your look is by changing your hairstyle.
I've been a blonde, brunette and a redhead with many different experimentations of pink, blue and purple thrown in there too. I used get really bored of my hair and wanted a constant change, especially as a teenager!
The reason why I stopped dying my hair was because it became weak, dry and brittle.
I had two options: stop dying my hair or cut it short. I've chosen to have long hair instead of dyed hair.
I've actually really grown to love my natural hair colour in the last couple of years.
However, I felt like I was ready for some change and my fringe was really annoying me on a daily basis!

Leeds XS Hair Salon Review

Lithuanian Recipe - Tender Garlic Chicken with Mash and Carrot Slaw

When Wren Kitchens got in touch with me asking me to be part of the ‘Wren Family Favourites’ campaign I simply couldn't say no.
My mum is an amazing cook. She cooks all of the family meals from scratch every day, which are always bursting with flavour. Lithuanian cuisine is very diverse it's full of soups, stews and meat dishes. We're also very partial to pickled vegetables and herring. 

I've decided to share with you one of my very favourite chicken recipes which my mum has taught me. Chicken breasts can be pretty dry and bland, but this recipe is far from it!

Hotter Shoes Styled With Outfit Of The Day

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Hotter shoes store for an intimate blogger evening.
The Leeds city centre store has only been open for a few weeks so I was very keen to see what Hotter shoes were like.
I tried on about 6 different pairs over and over but in the end I decided on these gorgeous Briony boots
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