Changes Are Good - Mermaid Hair Don't Care

Blue haired girl

First of all I'll start this post with apologising with the few weeks of radio silence. I've been doing some travelling with a break to Vegas and to Colorado (posts about both coming soon!) and I've also hit a pretty bad writers block...but (hopefully) I am well and truly back with at least one weekly post.

During my teenage years I used to dye my hair all the time. I've had blond hair, blond hair with pink highlights, red, burgundy, purple, black you name it. I was really adventurous with my hair styles until one day during the last year of university when I was brushing my hair a big bunch of it started falling out and breaking off. That's when I decided so just grow it out and my adventurous fun hair phase was over. It was about a year and a half ago when I discovered a new treatment called Olaplex that I decided to get my hair colour again. I had a gorgeous blonde balayage which has lasted me a really long time but again it wasn't anything too adventurous.
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