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I eat very healthy day to day or at least I try! Crisps used to be my biggest downfall at all, I could have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner but then I would succumb to a bag of crisps and feel really guilty after. This was until I discovered Propercorn, it's my absolute favourite snack at the moment and the best thing about it that it's guilt free! It's gluten free, low in calories, carbs, fats and comes in lots of different flavours. When Propercorn* emailed me and invited to experiment with their popcorn to celebrate the launch of their new campaign The Institute Of Flavour, I almost squealed with excitement! I mean I have been making a trip to the shop every lunch time just to get my hands on a bag so I was so so happy to be sent a generous helping of Propercorn. Below you can read my review of every single flavour!

Eating Out - The Food Academy

I believe I have discovered Leeds best kept foodie secret - The Food Academy, a restaurant ran by Leeds City College studetns. I got invited for a complimentary four course meal to show off the talents of the students. I had never heard of The Food Academy so in all honesty I wasn't really sure what to expect but I'm never one to turn down a foodie opportunity. Well here's the spoiler alert - the food was absolutely amazing!

We got greeted with some Pimms cocktails and then sat down for our meal. Whilst we waited for the starters we were presented with some home baked sun dried tomato bread rolls, which the boy said was absolutely delicious. The staff were lovely though and presented me with some gluten free bread.
For our starters we had Veal and Goats Cheese Nugget which was served up with pickled beetroot, cucumber, spring onion and radish. 
The restaurant catered for my gluten intolerance by serving up the dish without the breadcrumbs for me. It was so so good! There was such a gorgeous combination of flavours I would order this dish again and again in fact I would go as far as saying that it was one of my favourite starters I've ever had.
The Food academy Leeds

Moogoo Acne Cleansing Moisturiser & 3 Vitamin Serum Review

Hello there! It's time to get a little personal. Since turning 23 I have made two significant changes to my skincare routine. No one in the online world knows this but in the last year I have developed acne. That's right I developed acne at the age of 23.
moogoo skincare review

Eating Out - Gluten Free Menu at The New Conservatory

Having coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance sucks. Not only we have to cut out some of the best things in life like pizza and croissants but eating out can be difficult. Since having to go gluten free I've had so many awkward moments in restaurants. I usually have to double check everything that I order to ensure that it's safe or go to a really nice restaurant and then have to order a salad because they simply don't do 'gluten free' food. Leeds has such a big selection of great restaurants but unfortunately many of them don't have many gluten free options, that's why I was so excited to learn that the New Conservatory have a full gluten free menu! When they invited me over to try it, I simply couldn't say no!

The New Conservatory Gluten Free menu

The Lake District - My Favourite Place

I have lived in England for almost six years and in this time I've tried to go exploring and visit the seaside, new cities and little towns. In all honesty though nothing has quite matched up to The Lake District. I absolutely love it there, it is hands down my favourite place in England. The lakes are so beautiful that if it wasn't for the English weather I wouldn't believe that I wasn't abroad. The little towns and villages surrounding it are cute, colourful and full of character.

Taste Of Inn travel at Molton Cookery School

Food is one of my greatest loves in life. I love eating and I love cooking, so when the lovely team at Zeal invited me to an event organised by Inn travel I was over the moon! There's nothing I love more than exploring new recipes and it sounded like the perfect way to spend a sunday. We were going to be cooking european dishes paired with delicious wines and inspired by the destinations where Inn travel offer slow holidays. Incase you're wondering what slow holidays are, they are the type of holidays that allow you to relax and unwind whilst exploring beautiful locations.
Molton Cookery School
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