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Blue haired girl

First of all I'll start this post with apologising with the few weeks of radio silence. I've been doing some travelling with a break to Vegas and to Colorado (posts about both coming soon!) and I've also hit a pretty bad writers block...but (hopefully) I am well and truly back with at least one weekly post.

During my teenage years I used to dye my hair all the time. I've had blond hair, blond hair with pink highlights, red, burgundy, purple, black you name it. I was really adventurous with my hair styles until one day during the last year of university when I was brushing my hair a big bunch of it started falling out and breaking off. That's when I decided so just grow it out and my adventurous fun hair phase was over. It was about a year and a half ago when I discovered a new treatment called Olaplex that I decided to get my hair colour again. I had a gorgeous blonde balayage which has lasted me a really long time but again it wasn't anything too adventurous.
Since I moved to Austin Texas something inside me changed. I once again wanted to experiment with my looks. Within two weeks I had new hair and a new tattoo (not quite sure what came over me haha).

I had my hair done by the lovely Lindsey Means who works at the Orbit hair salon in East Austin two days a week. I told Lindsey that I wanted a grey balayage which she was really excited because she loves experimenting with colour.
Me being me, I asked a lot of questions but she was super friendly and patient answering anything that I wanted to know. Lindsey uses Olaplex with every hair colour she does because it helps rebuild the hair and prevents damage during a lightening process. The condition of my hair feels virtually the same as it was before I bleached it which I think is incredible!
Austin blogger
In progress photo
We were aiming for grey but the end result actually came out more as a grey/blue colour. I actually was really happy that it did because I absolutely loved the colour! It made me feel like a mermaid (because mermaids would obviously have crazy cool hair). I did ask however, how come the colour looked a little different from what we planned on and she explained to me that the colour she mixed up had a blue and violet base but it can react to different hair differently and my hair doesn't take colour the easiest and that's why I ended with more blue overtones.
Orbit hair salon
Inside the hair salon
Orbit hair salon

 In the photos below you can see how my hair turned out (it looks a little more blue on camera than it did in real life).

Blue haired girl
Blue haired girl
blue haired girl

For the first time if almost five years I did something fun with my hair, and I love it! If like me you're new to Austin TX and looking for a new hair stylist you can find more information about Lindsey and her pricelist on her website.
Finding a hair stylist you trust in a new city is important and can be a little overwhelming. I will be giving other hair salons a try over the coming months and will ensure to include them here if I like their services.

Do you think I suit my new look?!

Ps. If you'd like to see a little of what I've been up to in Austin you can check out my vlog below (you can see my new tattoo there too)!

Until next time,
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  1. Omg your hair is GORGEOUS! It suits you so so much girl! I'm a massive fan of coloured hair ^_^
    Iamfoxxtailz | alternative style diary

  2. Love the blue hair!!! Sounds like you're settling in well!
    Em x

  3. I adore your hair so gorgeous gal!! xx

  4. Wow your hair looks amazing! I've always been too afraid to go crazy with my hair, but I wish I wasn't because a style like is would be my dream hair! Also, I love your whole outfit, the skirt is so cute

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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