Krua Urban Thai - An Awesome Addition To South Austin's Food Scene

Krua Urban Thai Food Austin

Since moving to Austin I’ve spent alot of my spare time checking out cool restaurants, bars and food trucks.

Eating out is definitely one of my ultimate favourite hobbies. I decided it’s time to start documenting my eating adventures again just as I did when I lived in England.
I’ve discovered that Austin has an amazing selection of tacos, BBQ and Mexican food however I’ve been disappointed with the lack of options for good authentic Thai food. I guess I was spoiled when I lived in Leeds, UK because we had not one but three amazing Thai street food restaurants pretty much across the street from where we lived. With another two outstanding more upscale Thai restaurants within 20 minute walking distance. I love food from different cuisines around the world but I crave good Thai food the most.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lithuania

7 Reasons To Visit Lithuania

Last summer me and the boy went on holiday to Lithuania.

That’s where I’m originally from and he was curious to learn about my roots, and I was excited to explore the country as a tourist. Even though I was born in Lithuania I haven’t lived there for half of my life and never actually spent any time in the capital (Vilnius) so was looking forward to add that to my travel list. I was really surprised that in the whole week we spent in Lithuania we didn’t come across any English speaking tourists, or any tourists who were close to our age group. It’s seems that Lithuania is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. No one out of my group of friends has ever been there or know much about it (apart from what I tell them).

I decided to write this post to introduce some of you to this gorgeous country, a country that I think everyone should visit and here’s 7 reasons why.

3 Superfood Packed Easy Smoothie Recipes

Homemade smoothies make an amazing breakfast or a quick snack full of vitamins, minerals and other goodness. They're quick and easy to make and they taste amazing. With autumn aka cold and flu season swiftly on its way introducing smoothies into your daily diet is one of the easiest ways to boost your immune system. It's easy to pack an extra punch of superfood goodness into smoothies by adding some seeds and powders.

Below are my 3 favourite recipes:

Blueberry and Raspberry Breakfast Bowl

berry smoothie recipe

Changes Are Good - Mermaid Hair Don't Care

Blue haired girl

First of all I'll start this post with apologising with the few weeks of radio silence. I've been doing some travelling with a break to Vegas and to Colorado (posts about both coming soon!) and I've also hit a pretty bad writers block...but (hopefully) I am well and truly back with at least one weekly post.

During my teenage years I used to dye my hair all the time. I've had blond hair, blond hair with pink highlights, red, burgundy, purple, black you name it. I was really adventurous with my hair styles until one day during the last year of university when I was brushing my hair a big bunch of it started falling out and breaking off. That's when I decided so just grow it out and my adventurous fun hair phase was over. It was about a year and a half ago when I discovered a new treatment called Olaplex that I decided to get my hair colour again. I had a gorgeous blonde balayage which has lasted me a really long time but again it wasn't anything too adventurous.

Life Catch Up: I'm Engaged!!

Life has been pretty exciting for me since I quit my job, gave up my apartment and relocated to Austin Texas! Probably one of the scariest things I've done to date and I can honestly say that I'm so happy that I did.

I've been exploring, making friends, eating great food and doing lots of yoga. The (temporary) move has been made so much easier by having the boy by my side. We have been together for exactly 6 years and people have been asking us for years when we would get married. That question quite frankly was rather annoying because I was completely happy with how things were, I was in no rush. In all honesty it's only in the last year that the idea of getting married stopped freaking me out and I started feeling quite excited at the idea of the boy proposing. I guess it was just a natural progression and a sign of growing up. I started making wedding inspired pinterest boards and even looking at engagement rings with my girlfriends(lets be honest most of us do it...).

Festival Season - A Glastonbury Love Story

Glastonbury Festival Experience

I had been to a couple of music festivals before but never to Glastonbury, and it had been on my list for a few years. I remember the day that me and my friend decided that we were determined to go! We were sat in a boat converted into a pub drinking cider (instead of being at the library doing uni work…) and getting excited about the experience we were going to have.


Best Sunscreen Products For Sensitive Skin & Why You Need To Wear Sunscreen

Tropic skincare sunscreen range

The summer is well and truly here and since my move to Austin Texas, I need good sunscreen products now more than ever! I find that a lot of sun protection products that I've previously used leave my skin feeling sticky, greasy and often make my skin break out in spots. I don't know about you but that's the last thing I want on a hot summers day. That's why I've decided to share with you the best sunscreen products that I've tried.

Holiday Bucket List : Southern France

Source: Flickr
Ever since I was a little girl I had a fascination with Paris, the city of love. I used to tell everyone that it was my favourite city and that when I grew up I was going to move there forever. I think the language is beautiful, I love french cinema, in particular some of the films from the French New wave era and fresh croissants is the thing I miss the most about not being able to eat gluten.

Austin Tx - My Experience After One Month Of Living Here

East Austin Street art

You might of read a post I published a few weeks ago where I shared with you one of my biggest life decisions so far and why I decided to do it.

It has now officially been a month since we moved and everyone has been asking me how I’m finding it.

My Skincare Favourites - Best Products For First Signs Of Ageing


 Best Products To Fight First Signs Of Ageing

I remember when I turned 21 my mum said to me that perhaps I should start looking into my skin care routine and start introducing some anti ageing creams. I remember feeling incredibly offended and also thinking that she was crazy, surely I didn’t need to worry about that yet?! She said to me that it’s better to prevent wrinkles than try to get rid of them and that’s probably the best piece of advice I ever had in regards to skin care.

Bar Soba Leeds Review

Bar Soba Leeds Food

Bar Soba is probably one of the most eclectic and cool looking eateries in the whole of Leeds. 


Making The Most Of Your 20's - I Quit My Job And Left The Country

Austin Tx blogger fashion

The last month has been the craziest of my whole life.

Last week I turned 25 whilst watching the Northern Lights in Iceland with my love and some of my favourite friends, two days later I was boarding a plane to Austin Texas.

Spring Styling - New Kylie Glasses

Fashion blogger wearing glasses

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer and everything is blossoming. Spring is finally here! It’s a season of new beginnings and change. In spirit of this I have decided to update my look with some new glasses.

Look After Yourself - A Sunnydei Wellness Guide

Spring blooms

When our working and personal lives get hectic usually the first thing we neglect is ourselves. We’re often putting work or other people first but sometimes we just need to take some time for ourselves. From my experience if you look after yourself it will be much easier to juggle all the other important things in your life.
Below is my personal wellness guide which will help you look after your physical and mental health with tips which you can include in your daily routine and some of my favourite well being products.

Egg and Chorizo Breakfast Skillet Recipe (Gluten Free)

Egg and Chorizo Breakfast
I’ll start this blog post by going straight to the point: this egg and chorizo breakfast skillet recipe is absolutely delicious. I love having eggs for breakfast but they can get a little boring and this recipe really spices things up. It’s healthy, it’s very flavoursome and very easy to make.

Zadar Weekend Adventure - Things To Do

Zadar Croatia Architecture

One sunny and very warm summer evening me and my friend Kate were drinking cooled wine on the terrace and decided that we needed a holiday. There and then we put a credit card to good use and booked a getaway to Zadar in Croatia. I am now so thankful for our spontaneity on that gorgeous sunny evening as it gave us the opportunity to explore, make memories and soak up the last of the summer sunshine. Below I share with you the things you must do if you visit!

Fashion With A Story: Brexit Broke My heart

Winter fashion girl in long grey coat and jeans

The fashion photo shoot in this blog post happened quite a few weeks ago, and even though I really love the photos (thanks to my editing skills and Lucinda’s great camera skills) I didn’t want to post just an outfit post. The fashion posts I love the most are the ones that tell some kind of a story and I felt like the story of a sunny and freezing afternoon with my girls and how much I love my new boots and jumper just wasn’t going to cut it this time. I knew I wanted to say something meaningful, something that might make you pause and think. If even just for a moment.

Street Food at Trinity Kitchen

Trinity shopping centre is great, all of my favourite high street brands under one roof! They also offer late night shopping most evening which is really helpful as it doesn't limit shopping time to weekends. Trinity is also the home of Trinity kitchen, a very unique street food concept. If you've never been you absolutely must visit! They have five new temporary vendors come in every 8 weeks. Which means that Trinity Kitchen is a fab food stop for trying out new things. I got invited to sample some of the culinary delights offered by the new vendors on Burns night.

Personalised Gifts For Every Occasion

Personalised Gifts Valentines day

I think there's something extra special about giving and receiving customised gifts. For my dads birthday I got him ac customised photo mug with some lovely pictures of us on it. Fast forward 4 years and it's still his favourite mug from which he has his morning coffee every day.

The Cocktail Experience - 3 Must Try Cocktails

Last year I went to the press event for The Cocktail Experience and had an awesome time sampling delicious drinks. It's an absolute must event for any cocktail lover and it's back! This year even bigger and better. I got invited to attend the press event again and decided to test out all the drinks so I can share with you my absolute favourites that you must try.

The Cocktail Experience Leeds

Gdansk Weekend Break - Photo Diary

Gdansk main town

I love exploring and discovering new places, it’s pretty much my favourite thing ever along with tea and food. Weekend breaks are a perfect way to have a little adventure without having to save for months or quit your job.
I managed to find a two night weekend break to Gdansk (a polish city by the Baltic coast) flying out from Leeds (where I live) with a hotel for £53 per person. Yes, you have read that right. I found this awesome deal on Holiday Pirates which is fast becoming my favourite website for bargain getaway deals.

Bonprix Cocktail Party

Bonprix organised a fun cocktail masterclasses evening at the Malmaison in Leeds. All of us who received an invite got to pick a dress from their party collection. I had never shopped with Bonprix before and I didn't realise how many dresses there was to choose from! There's lots of different shapes, colours and styles available and most of them are great value too. I'd say about 95% of dresses are under £50. I picked a 1920's inspired red Fringed Dress which was actually only £19.99! I styled it up with a chunky necklace and ankle boots. I received so many compliments about the dress all night.
Leeds Fashion blogger


Gluten Free Matcha Green Tea Banana Bread Recipe

Gluten Free Matcha Green Tea Banana Bread

This flavoursome Matcha Green Tea Banana bread is perfect for quick breakfast on the go or as a delicious and nutritious 'pick me up' snack during the day. The best thing about this banana bread is that even though it's healthy it still tastes like a sweet, moreish treat.

How To Stick To New Years Resolutions: 7 Tips

Desk typewriter flatlay

It’s a start of a new year and ‘New Year New Me’ memes and social media updates are making an appearance. Everyone is making New Year resolutions because we all tend to see the new year as a fresh start, as an opportunity to improve something about ourselves or our lives.
In reality though very few people actually stick to and achieve their resolutions. The reason being that most people set very unrealistic and high pressure goals for themselves which unfortunately often leads to failure sometimes even before January is over! I can hold up my hands and say that I am one of those people.
After years of making a resolution of having a flat toned stomach here I am still with some excess rolls that I wish weren’t there. However I’ve learned a way you can achieve and smash those New Year resolutions by following the 7 steps below.
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