Festival Season - A Glastonbury Love Story

Glastonbury Festival Experience

I had been to a couple of music festivals before but never to Glastonbury, and it had been on my list for a few years. I remember the day that me and my friend decided that we were determined to go! We were sat in a boat converted into a pub drinking cider (instead of being at the library doing uni work…) and getting excited about the experience we were going to have.

We spent hours googling videos of previous year performances, looking at photos and trying to work out the map of the festival. The following week five of us tried to get tickets at once and luckily one of our friends succeeded! Glastonbury tickets sell out in record time every year so we were pretty ecstatic to know that we were finally going to get to go.

That year was my last year at university and it was a year full of emotional turbulence and uncertainty. Once I was relieved about having had finished all of my university work I was then having semi regular mental breakdowns about my future. I was out of the comfort bubble that is education and ‘officially’ a real adult, a soon to be graduate who was expected to have her shit together but in reality had no idea what I was doing. It was terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Throughout university music was a really big part of the whole experience. Me and my best friends used to spend most of the little disposable income that we had on gigs. Gigs of bands we loved and new artists that we may had fallen in love with earlier that day. Sometimes it was planned sometimes it was spontaneous but we had countless nights dancing like crazy and laughing until our sides hurt. Each gig reminded us that we had Glastonbury to look forward to!

The festival was so much more than I could have imagined. First of all I wasn’t quite expecting it to be so so big. It’s the size of a small city and I’m not even exaggerating. Me and my friends were there for 5 days and there was still quite a few stages that we didn’t get to see. It’s bigger than my home town, although the walking between stages is really not a problem as there is so much to see/ do on the way that you will barely notice how many miles you will cover on foot.

It’s called a Festival of Arts for a reason. The whole time I spent there I felt as if I had taken some kind of a hallucinogenic drug (I definitely hadn’t) as everything looked so surreal. The festival organisers and their massive team of staff had put so much effort into make everything look so colour and beautiful that I am not surprised that it takes almost a whole year to prepare for it.

Glastonbury Festival Experience

Let me give you an example: there was one area called District 9 and it genuinely looked like a post apocalyptic street. There was a block of flats half knocked down with a car crashed into it and smoke coming out. You could go inside the building and there were dubstep artists performing. Opposite that there was a run down ‘brothel’ like building which had trans dancers dancing in the windows enticing you in. Honestly I just remember my mind was blown when we came across it.

Another cool example was the Greenpeace area, they had build the North Pole and there waas fake snow and a robotic polar bear walking around which looked very real! There is also circus tents, comedy tends, trapeze performances, healing fields and more.

Glastonbury Festival Experience

Have you ever been to a place that you’ve absolutely fallen in love with? Have you ever been to a place where you felt wild and free? A place where you could be yourself in your wildest form? Glastonbury was that place for me. After a hard year I let my hair down, brought out some crazy dresses to play and had an amazing time.

Glastonbury Festival Experience

The music at festivals is amazing but there’s so much more to them than that, there’s a whole greater experience and memories that will last you a lifetime.

I have attended it again since in 2015 and can confirm that both times the atmosphere, there was amazing. Everyone seemed to let their inner hippie come out and play and the whole festival is just full of chilled, loving vibes.

Glastonbury Festival Experience
Glastonbury Festival Experience

You can spend hours just people watching in the sun with a chilled drink in hand observing the beautiful and crazy outfits that people wear.

You know all those clothes that you secretly love but don’t have the guts to wear? Well a music festival is the place you can rock those crazy outfits. Whether you’re a closet unicorn, hippie, goth or a lion you can be all those things and more at more at music festivals. Think bright colours, flowers, sequins and lots of glitter.

Glastonbury Festival Experience

Voucher angels have come up with an awesome festival fashion wish list and the best thing is that you can get discounts on almost all of them! If you aren’t planning on going to any festivals this year I’ve actually published two gorgeous summer and spring fashion wish lists full of my favourite trends this season for Voucher Angels which you can find here and here.

If you haven't managed to get Glastonbury tickets (they do sell out at record time every year!) here's an awesome festival map with dates and locations of the best festivals in the UK from Go Girl Car Insurance. I've been to Glastonbury twice and the first time we got a coach with fellow festival goers which took almost 7 hours and the second time around we decided to drive. We were able to set our own schedule and set off early avoiding all the traffic and crowds. If you have the option to drive or share a car ride with a friend I'd highly recommend it.

What's your favourite festival and festival memory?!

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  1. I've never been to glasto but your pictures of it look incredible, I love all of your festival outfits!
    I'm more of a Leeds fest gal and I've been going since 2007, best memory would be seeing paramore in 2014 which was amazing! Love festival season so much.
    Iamfoxxtailz | alternative style diary

  2. I've neve been but I'd love to go...I don't however like camping one little bit!!
    Em x

  3. I would love to go to Glastonbury, but unfortunately none of my friends are really into the festival scene! It just looks like such an amazing experience!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer


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