7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lithuania

7 Reasons To Visit Lithuania

Last summer me and the boy went on holiday to Lithuania.

That’s where I’m originally from and he was curious to learn about my roots, and I was excited to explore the country as a tourist. Even though I was born in Lithuania I haven’t lived there for half of my life and never actually spent any time in the capital (Vilnius) so was looking forward to add that to my travel list. I was really surprised that in the whole week we spent in Lithuania we didn’t come across any English speaking tourists, or any tourists who were close to our age group. It’s seems that Lithuania is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. No one out of my group of friends has ever been there or know much about it (apart from what I tell them).

I decided to write this post to introduce some of you to this gorgeous country, a country that I think everyone should visit and here’s 7 reasons why.
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