Bonprix Cocktail Party

Bonprix organised a fun cocktail masterclasses evening at the Malmaison in Leeds. All of us who received an invite got to pick a dress from their party collection. I had never shopped with Bonprix before and I didn't realise how many dresses there was to choose from! There's lots of different shapes, colours and styles available and most of them are great value too. I'd say about 95% of dresses are under £50. I picked a 1920's inspired red Fringed Dress which was actually only £19.99! I styled it up with a chunky necklace and ankle boots. I received so many compliments about the dress all night.
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Gluten Free Matcha Green Tea Banana Bread Recipe

Gluten Free Matcha Green Tea Banana Bread

This flavoursome Matcha Green Tea Banana bread is perfect for quick breakfast on the go or as a delicious and nutritious 'pick me up' snack during the day. The best thing about this banana bread is that even though it's healthy it still tastes like a sweet, moreish treat.

How To Stick To New Years Resolutions: 7 Tips

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It’s a start of a new year and ‘New Year New Me’ memes and social media updates are making an appearance. Everyone is making New Year resolutions because we all tend to see the new year as a fresh start, as an opportunity to improve something about ourselves or our lives.
In reality though very few people actually stick to and achieve their resolutions. The reason being that most people set very unrealistic and high pressure goals for themselves which unfortunately often leads to failure sometimes even before January is over! I can hold up my hands and say that I am one of those people.
After years of making a resolution of having a flat toned stomach here I am still with some excess rolls that I wish weren’t there. However I’ve learned a way you can achieve and smash those New Year resolutions by following the 7 steps below.
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