USA Road Trip - LA

In March me, the boy and our three friends embarked on a two week (16 days to be precise!) road trip around California, Arizona and Nevada. I have never been to America but California has been on my must visit list since I was 14. That's 10 years of day dreaming about this gorgeous state.
The first stop of our trip was LA. I was actually going to write a detailed post about everything we did and where we ate BUT my phone broke and I lost all of my notes (sobs) so I will try to do my best to remember what we got up to.
Hollywood sign

Looks | California Stylin' Part 2

If you follow me on twitter or instagram then you will have noticed my holiday spam photos. I have recently came back from a road trip around California, Arizona and Nevada. I will be blogging and vlogging about my whole trip very soon once I can find some spare time. 
In the mean time I thought I would share with you some of my favourite outfits I wore on the holiday. The bag was the perfect size, big enough to fit all the necessities and small enough to not be a nuisance and the shirt, well I am just in love with it!
San Francisco

Lobster Homeware Apron Review

One of my favourite weekend pass times is cooking and baking! I absolutely love it and since having to cut gluten out of my diet a couple of years ago I bake a lot now. One thing that's always been missing from my kitchen pantry is a good apron. I usually end up covered in batter and flour and have to put my clothes straight into the dishwasher afterwards. When Lobster Homeware got in touch with me telling me that they would love me to review one of their beautiful aprons I was delighted!
There are three gorgeous designs to choose from with more available to preorder. I chose Meeha* the beautiful peachy floral apron.
Lobster homeware apron review

Gluten Free Lemon Cream Cake Recipe and Magic Baking Tin Review

Cake makes life better. I think that's pretty much a fact. Unfortunately gluten is my mortal enemy and so I'm on a mission to bake delicious gluten free cakes. This one has made it onto my list of successs! What's even better is that I got to bake this cake in shape of a heart thanks to The Magic Baking Tin* which was very kindly sent to me for a review.
Gluten Free Lemon Cream Cake

Leeds Indie Food Festival 2016 & Cocktails in the city

Since I’ve come back from my USA roadtrip (about which I will be writing about soon I promise) I’ve had a case of the holiday blues. Since I’ve been back to England the weather has been pretty awful, we even had snow at the end of April! However, there has been a few things that have really helped to keep my holiday blues at bay and that’s been trying out some awesome new bars and restaurants and attending Leeds cocktails in the city and having Leeds indie food festival to look forward to.

Cocktails in the city happened over two days in Leeds town hall. The Town hall is such a majestic location too, very suitable for an evening filled with cocktails. All of the best bars in Leeds had cocktail stalls all under one roof and it was great! There was also cocktail demonstrations and master classes going on which were not only incredibly delicious but also very entertaining. 
I absolutely loved Cocktails in the city and can’t wait for next year!


3 New Bars & Restaurants You Need To Visit In Leeds

In Leeds we are spoilt for choice for food and drinks, the food and drink scene is great and lucky for us it's just got even better!

I've recently visited the following 3 bars / restaurants and I was so impressed that I decided you absolutely need to visit them too.

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