Life Catch Up: I'm Engaged!!

Life has been pretty exciting for me since I quit my job, gave up my apartment and relocated to Austin Texas! Probably one of the scariest things I've done to date and I can honestly say that I'm so happy that I did.

I've been exploring, making friends, eating great food and doing lots of yoga. The (temporary) move has been made so much easier by having the boy by my side. We have been together for exactly 6 years and people have been asking us for years when we would get married. That question quite frankly was rather annoying because I was completely happy with how things were, I was in no rush. In all honesty it's only in the last year that the idea of getting married stopped freaking me out and I started feeling quite excited at the idea of the boy proposing. I guess it was just a natural progression and a sign of growing up. I started making wedding inspired pinterest boards and even looking at engagement rings with my girlfriends(lets be honest most of us do it...).

Festival Season - A Glastonbury Love Story

Glastonbury Festival Experience

I had been to a couple of music festivals before but never to Glastonbury, and it had been on my list for a few years. I remember the day that me and my friend decided that we were determined to go! We were sat in a boat converted into a pub drinking cider (instead of being at the library doing uni work…) and getting excited about the experience we were going to have.


Best Sunscreen Products For Sensitive Skin & Why You Need To Wear Sunscreen

Tropic skincare sunscreen range

The summer is well and truly here and since my move to Austin Texas, I need good sunscreen products now more than ever! I find that a lot of sun protection products that I've previously used leave my skin feeling sticky, greasy and often make my skin break out in spots. I don't know about you but that's the last thing I want on a hot summers day. That's why I've decided to share with you the best sunscreen products that I've tried.
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