Wild About Leeds - The Body Shop Christmas Event

The Body Shop is one of my absolute favourite brands. Their body butters are an essential part of my daily beauty routine and I can honestly say that I've never bought anything from Body Shop that I haven't liked. Naturally when I received an invite to their Christmas event I got very excited! The event was hosted at Lamberts Yard because the Leeds store on Briggate was getting an exciting revamp.
Leeds Bodyshop store briggate

Blackhouse The Grill On The Square - Steak and Wine Pairing

Blackhouse Grill Leeds

If you read my blog or know me personally then you'll know that I really love food. I love cooking, I love eating and I spend most of my disposable income on restaurant meals. Leeds is such a foodie city and I'm still constantly finding new restaurants that I haven't tried yet. Blackhouse Grill On The Square in Leeds happens to be one of them. Blackhouse has recently had a revamp and updated their food menu and I got invited to their Chefs Table Relaunch dinner.

Jord Wood Watch Review

When an email landed in my inbox about a collaboration with Jord wood watches, I was very surprised and intrigued. I'm a nature girl at heart so having a watch made from natural materials is right up my street but I've never actually a seen a watch made from wood prior to coming across Jord watches.
Jord watch review

Key Autumn Wardrobe Stables: Bold Statement Dress

Leeds fashion blogger
I'm a summer girl at heart but it's hard to deny that Autumn is a gorgeous colourful season and there's something so magical about watching all the leaves turn two different shades of the sun. The only problem with autumn is that it doesn't last long enough. Wouldn't it be fabulous if we could have less of winter and more of chilly, colourful autumn? I also really love autumn fashion so me and and the gorgeous Lucinda decided to team up for a very colourful shoot.

How Start A Blog: Top Tips and Everything You Need To Know

start a blog tips
Over the last few months a few people I know have told me that they would love to start a blog and asked me various different questions about blogging. I figured hey, it’d be great to get this all down in a blog post so that anyone who’s thinking about starting a blog can weigh up the pros and cons and decide if it’s for them.
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