DecemBeard #Bubblebeard

Christmas is a time for family, friends, food and giving. This December bathstore has teamed up with Decembeard to encourage the nation to raise funds and donate to Beating Bowel Cancer.


La Redoute Fashion Bloggers Christmas Party

Recently I've had a fantastic day with not one but two really fun events. I attended a Christmas Meet organised by the lovely Rhianna from Robowecop and then La Redoute's Blogger Christmas party which was my favourite blogger event of 2015! La Redoute held the event at Lamberts Yard in Leeds and all of us Yorkshire bloggers were over the moon.


Brunch at Ox Club Leeds

Having a full time job means that I absolutely love the weekend. I get to go to sleep without worrying about my alarm going off in the morning and I don't have to have a rushed microwaveable porridge for breakfast. In fact Monday to Friday breakfast is my absolute least favourite meal, however Brunch is a different story. Brunch means you can eat whatever you want. You can have pancakes or eggs or meat and it doesn't matter because it's lunch and breakfast in one!

Ox Club Leeds Brunch

Bonprix Advent Calendar - Giveaway

Hello there lovelies!
I have been very lucky to have been contacted by Bonprix and asked to participate in their advent calendar giveaway! Lots of bloggers are participating and giving away the Bonprix prize of their choice on their allocated day. My day happens to be today, the 19th of December and I have picked the loveliest pair of gloves. They're super warm, soft and fluffy! I am in love with them and I'm sure you will be too, which is why you should enter the giveaway which will run for twenty-four hours only!

Affordable Christmas Gift Guide For Those You Love

I have to admit I'm now well and truly operating in 100% festive mode. I've been rocking Christmas socks, drinking mulled wine and we've put our Christmas tree up. I absolutely love all the pretty decorations, delicious comfort foods and I really love Christmas Gift shopping! There's something so lovely about buying presents for the people you love. I love making my family and friends smile and I get really excited about picking out presents for them.

Sometimes it can be a little hard to know what to buy or where to buy it from so I thought I would share my little Christmas Gift guide. This is a great mix of affordable high street and independent gifts.

The Hedonist Project - Liquor and Whisky

 Liquor and Whisky Bar LeedsOver the summer months Leeds had a pop up Rum bar - The Rum Shack, which everyone I know absolutely adored. Fast forward a few month and the Hedonist Project are back with with a more permanent and more polished location. The concept is very simple. Every 3 months they will change the bars concept. This will include changing the decor, the food menu, the drinks and even the name. 

SUNNYDEI Blog Giveaway

Yorkshire Lifestyle Blog

Hello there,

This post is the first of its kind on SUNNYDEI, and I am really excited because I've never done a blog giveaway before. 

Sweet Freedom - Gluten Free Pancakes of Dreams

I have to say I have loved pancakes ever since I was a child. My mama often made them for breakfast and we'd have them with all sorts of different topping combinations including home made strawberry jam, sugar and soured cream, and chocolatte spread. Now, since I've become an adult two things have happened:

1. I developed a gluten intolerance
2. I swear I can put on a kilo just by sniffing pancakes never mind eating them

However, I've been determined to come up with a pancake recipe that was both Gluten AND Guilt free. I present to you the recipe for my best creation yet  - Sweet Freedom - Gluten Free Pancakes of Dreams 

Healthy Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe

Inkwell Arts Vegetarian Cafe in Chappel Allerton

A couple of weeks ago, my friend suggested that for our lunch date we go somewhere a little different. Both of us spend most of our time in Leeds city centre so we decided to venture out to Chappel Allerton. She told me about Inkwell Arts Cafe, which is a vegetarian cafe set in a creative art space in Chappel Allerton.
Inkwell Arts cafe Chappel AllertonInkwell Art space is part of Leeds Mind Project, a national registered Charity supporting people experiencing mental health difficulties.

Bolongaro Trevor Leeds - SUNNYDEI Catwalk Debut

Couple of weeks ago I received what I thought was a very random request. I was asked if I would like to do some catwalk modelling at Bolongaro Trevor Halloween party in Leeds, of course I said yes! Immediately after I started worrying about falling on my face as the last time I did catwalk modelling was in Primary school and I was dressed as a strawberry ( I made a good strawberry!).

Me and a fellow catwalk model Saffron.

Pie & Beer at Shooters Sports Bar Leeds

Like sports? In particular Rugby and Football? Throughout the Rugby World Cup Shooters are offering a pie and beermatch up for each of the competing nations.
Shooters Bar Leeds Food

Wine Tasting At The Decanter

The Decanter Leeds Wine Bar
One very chilly and sunny Sunday I and some other lovely local bloggers got invited to a Wine Tasting at The Decanter in Leeds. The Decanter is a very cosy and sophisticated wine bar nestled on the Headrow. Their decor is beautiful, classic and timeless and the atmosphere of the bar is really intimate. 
In the last few years, it seems that my taste buds have matured and now I really do enjoy a good glass of red or white wine, however I'm by no means an expert. 

New Hair And Nails At XS Hair

I think the easiest way for to update your look is by changing your hairstyle.
I've been a blonde, brunette and a redhead with many different experimentations of pink, blue and purple thrown in there too. I used get really bored of my hair and wanted a constant change, especially as a teenager!
The reason why I stopped dying my hair was because it became weak, dry and brittle.
I had two options: stop dying my hair or cut it short. I've chosen to have long hair instead of dyed hair.
I've actually really grown to love my natural hair colour in the last couple of years.
However, I felt like I was ready for some change and my fringe was really annoying me on a daily basis!

Leeds XS Hair Salon Review

Lithuanian Recipe - Tender Garlic Chicken with Mash and Carrot Slaw

When Wren Kitchens got in touch with me asking me to be part of the ‘Wren Family Favourites’ campaign I simply couldn't say no.
My mum is an amazing cook. She cooks all of the family meals from scratch every day, which are always bursting with flavour. Lithuanian cuisine is very diverse it's full of soups, stews and meat dishes. We're also very partial to pickled vegetables and herring. 

I've decided to share with you one of my very favourite chicken recipes which my mum has taught me. Chicken breasts can be pretty dry and bland, but this recipe is far from it!

Hotter Shoes Styled With Outfit Of The Day

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Hotter shoes store for an intimate blogger evening.
The Leeds city centre store has only been open for a few weeks so I was very keen to see what Hotter shoes were like.
I tried on about 6 different pairs over and over but in the end I decided on these gorgeous Briony boots
Leeds Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger

Bar Soba Leeds New Menu Launch

First impressions

I've popped in to Bar Soba in Leeds for a quick drink not too long after it first opened. I came in with my friends for a quick after work drink on a Thursday night. We had our drink at the downstairs bar and then left ( I had no idea there was an upstairs!!) I thought that the decor had some cool touches but was by no means blown away by the bar.
Bar Soba Leeds


Things You Have To Do in Thailand (Part 1)

This time two years ago I was backpacking around Thailand with my friend Jake. I can honestly say it's one of the best things I have ever ever done. If you're considering going to Thailand or somewhere else in Asia I would say just do it!

Thailand is a stunning country with luscious jungles, sandy golden beaches, AMAZING food and very happy, friendly people. 



Recently Sunnydei has turned 1! I really can't believe how fast the last year has flown.

It seems that it was only yesterday I decided that I wanted to become a Blogger.
I was always taking photos of places and things only to store on my computer to be forgotten about. I had tried setting up blogs before, but before long I would give up and there they would be left collecting dust in some distant corner of the internet.
Leeds based lifestyle blogger


Cryotherapy Treatment Pt 2

If you've recently been reading this little blog you'll have noticed that I currently having some Cryotherapy treatments. If you haven't then you're probably wondering what is cryotherapy?!

Cryotherapy is a liquid nitrogen vapour treatment which reaches below
-160°C, in order to trigger a physiological reaction to cold temperatures.

Eating out - Slate NQ

A little while ago I attended the opening party of Slate NQ.  There seems to be so many new bars and restaurants popping in the Leeds city centre Northern Quarter, this part of town is really up and coming! Slate NQ is definitely a great addition to the area.

I was delighted to be invited to come back and try the full Slate experience of cocktails, food and pool. Of course I couldn't say no, especially when it sounded like the perfect date night combination.

Cocktails at Slate NQ Bar Leeds


Feeling The Summer - Flowery Kimono

Summer is almost over and in all honesty, it feels to me like it didn't even happen. We've not had that many warm sunny days and the majority of the ones we did have I spent at work, in an office. 

Since I have finished university two years ago time seems to absolutely fly and every sunny weekend feels precious. Before we know it, we'll be walking around in woolly jumpers and scarfs again.

I was so happy when we finally got some heat and sunshine over the weekend. I had a friend visiting and we spent the day exploring Roundhay Park  and soaking up the sun. I decided to embrace perhaps this last strech of summer weather with one of my favourite outfits. My flowery kimono which I've found on ebay! 


Almost Famous Leeds #FamousNewMenu

Since Almost Famous opened in Leeds last year I have heard only good things about the restaurant. So many of my facebook friends have praised it time and time again. Unfortunately, I had never got round to visiting yet ( I know I can' believe it myself!) so when I was invited to taste their new menu I got very very excited! A fantastic opportunity to taste the glorious burgers. It's like it was just meant to be.

First thing first, before I even got to any of the food I was already impressed. Their restaurant decor is so funky, and quite frankly not like anything I've seen before. It's quite dark and atmospheric but there's also lots of colour everywhere and quirky wall art.

Cryotherapy Treatment Pt 1

Recently I saw a tweet from @xshair stating that they were looking for bloggers to review their cryotherapy treatment. My first reaction was to google what the hell was cryotherapy?! I had never heard of it before.

Basically cryotherapy is a liquid nitrogen vapour treatment which reaches below
-160°C, in order to trigger a physiological reaction to cold temperatures.

Life Update | Exciting News

Some of you may have noticed that for about two months I hadn't blogged very much at all.

The reason for that being is that I've been so crazy busy!

One bit of very exciting news is that I now have a BABY BROTHER!!

I'm 23 and I have a baby brother, seems crazy! He is absolutely adorable, so much so that I booked impulse flights back home and flew over to meet him a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't believe how tiny he was! I can't wait to fly back to Northern Ireland and see him again at the end of the month. This now makes me a big sister to four siblings.
I wonder where our parents going to fit us all at Christmas time in about ten years when we have kids of our own?!


Food | Mojo Bar New Menu Launch

Most of my nights out in Leeds end in Mojo Bar. Often dancing on tables until early hours in the morning to the rolling stones or other rock and roll classics, before making my way to the take away for some bed time cheesy chips. Such is the lifestyle of a 23 year old.
So you can imagine my delight and excitement when SLP PR emailed me to invite me to Mojo Food Launch menu tasting. My first reaction was - Whaaaat they do food there?! My second reaction was - I'm seriously definitely going!

It was really quite bizarre seeing Mojo's in daylight. It's much more colourful than I imagined! It also definitely has a very American vibe, which of course their food menu reflects also.

Mojo Bar Leeds

Food at The New Conservatory Leeds

When the lovely bunch from Pink Gorilla invited to sample the new summer menu at The New Conservatory in Leeds I simply couldn't say no.
Any event which involves food is usually a yes from me, what can I say, I love to eat!

Although I have walked past the New Conservatory many times I've never actually made my way inside, so I was really excited to pay it a visit and to taste their menu. Naturally the boy, who also adores food was delighted to be my plus 1.

The New Conservatory Leeds Food

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Ever since I visited Thailand I have fallen in love with Thai Food. It's aromatic and full of flavour. I've decided to experiment with some Thai Chicken soup recipes and have come with this mouth watering creation.
It's very quick and easy to make and it's Gluten Free.


#Thecitygirls Event and My Favourite Goodie Bag Items

Recently I've attended one of the most anticipated blogger events - #TheCityGirls in Leeds.

Since I've started blogging about 8 months ago I have had the privilege to attend some truly great blogger events, but #TheCityGirls has definitely been one of my very favourites!

It was set at The Liquorist, a cocktail bar which up to the event, I had never been to before. I really feel like I've been missing out, it's absolutely gorgeous and it will definitely be on my list of bars to go to on a night out from now on.

Liquorist Leeds

Liquorist Leeds

Chairs at Liquorist Leeds

The Liquorist Leeds

The cocktails looked really wonderful too! Although I was staying on soft drinks only due to having a few too many the night before.

Cokctails at The Liquorist Leeds

The event was a fantastic opportunity for networking with bloggers and brands alike. 
The bloggers who organise this event Lorna and Holly-Lucy are clearly very passionate about blogging and they definitely know what they're doing because the event was a tremendous success!

There were a lot of brands there including Together Health, Body Shop and Benefit and the gorgeously packaged Voss Water

Together Health Vitamins

#Thecitygirls events in Leeds

Cupcakes at blogger event Leeds

blogger event Leeds

blogger event Leeds
Voss Water

The Goodie Bag & Product Reviews

 The goodie bag from the event was absolutely marvelous, I couldn't believe how much stuff was in it! My hand was actually aching a little from carrying it all - but hey I'm definitely not complaining!

I've had a little while to test out majority of the products and I thought I would share my favourites with you.

First up is plewsy, I've never heard of this illustrator, but I have fallen in love with her illustrations. I think some of her  animal illustration cards would look lovely framed.

I am absolutely in LOVE with this MOOGOO  Full Cream moisturiser
It leaves my face smelling like creamy fudge and my skin baby soft. 
I have sensitive combination skin, which means that finding a moisturiser that works can be a little tricky. 
I was worried that this moisturiser would leave my skin feeling greasy, but that's definitely not the case, if anything it seems to help with the oiliness in my T-zone.
This is the perfect moisturiser for sensitive, troubled skin. It's made with Sweet Almond Oil, Raw Coconut Oil and Honey. The best thing is that all of the ingredients are completely natural.

The 75g size as pictured in the image below costs £9 which is a lot less than I initially imagined it would cost. I will definitely be purchasing some more once mine runs out and will be trying some other MOOGOO products.

Another product which I adored from my goodie bag is this Balmi Lipbalm.
I love the packaging and the shape of the lipbalm makes it so easy to apply. 
The one I received is Raspberry scented and it smells gorgeous. I've been using it every day because it keeps my lips moisturised and soft. I've never noticed it in a shop before, but according to their website Boots stock them at £4.99.

Together Health Vitamins have probably the nicest vitamin packaging I've ever come across! I usually take vitamin supplements, but have recently run out so it's the perfect timing to give Together Health Vitamins a try.
In my goodie bag I received the Multi Vitamin and Mineral supplement and I also picked up their B Complex vitamins to try.
Taking vitamin supplements can provide you with more energy, better skin, hair and nails and overall improved feeling of well being.

I've been a fan of Urban Fruit for a while so was delighted to receive some mango in my goodie bag. Their dried fruit makes the perfect tasty snack on the go.

I've got long hair that has a tendency to tangle so when I spotted the Tangle Angel in my goodie bag I was absolutely delighted. 
I've heard that there are special anti-tangle hair brushes that you can buy, but I've never owned one until now. 
Let me tell you this, it really does make a difference! This hairbrush detangles my hair without any pain and it leaves it silky smooth. I love it! I would definitely recommend that you invest in one, your head will thank you for it.


Another two products which are absolutely brilliant are the DermaV10 Coconut Body butter and the Hand and Nail Cream. 
I've been using the coconut butter every day and it leaves my skin moisturized and soft for over 24 hours! The hand and nail cream feels absolutely gorgeous on my hands, it leaves them feeling silky smooth and really deeply moisturised
All of DermaV10 products are made with made with high quality natural ingredients and none of their products are tested on animals. What's even better that most of their products are available for a £1! Yes, you did read that correctly! You can buy their products in shops such as Poundland and B&M bargains. 
Often we tend to associate price with quality, but I can tell you this is definitely not the case for DermaV10, their body butter is of better quality than some of the expensive butter that I have tried. I highly recommend it.

This Dusty Girls lip gloss is gorgeous. It's very summery with a light shimmer which I think will look great in the sunshine. It's not sticky and leaves my lips feeling moisturised for hours. All of the make up that Dusty Girls sell is made with natural ingredients that are kind to your skin, I would love to try their mineral foundation (perhaps on payday).

I really wish that all the girls knew about this Manuka Doctor Lip Enhancer when the Kylie Jenner lip challenge was doing its rounds! 
It's brilliant, when you put it on you can feel a slight tingling sensation and then about 5 minutes later you've plumper intensely moisturized lips! 
The mail ingredient which causes the plumpness is bee venom and manuka honey encourages collagen formation to keep your lips plumper in the long run.

I've also been lucky enough to receive this beautiful candle holder from Oates & Co. I absolutely love it's minimalist style. The one I received in my goody bag was unfortunately shattered but they were very kind to send me another one in the post.
I love candles, so this makes a great addition to my collection!
They sell some beautiful homeware go check them out.

I've really enjoyed trying all these products from these great brands, thank you #TheCityGirls!

Until next time,

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