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A little while ago I attended the opening party of Slate NQ.  There seems to be so many new bars and restaurants popping in the Leeds city centre Northern Quarter, this part of town is really up and coming! Slate NQ is definitely a great addition to the area.

I was delighted to be invited to come back and try the full Slate experience of cocktails, food and pool. Of course I couldn't say no, especially when it sounded like the perfect date night combination.

Cocktails at Slate NQ Bar Leeds

We started our evening by ordering some cocktails. I had the Baroness which is a very refreshing Raspberry and pear coktail and Oli went for the Gem of Piacenza which a mix of rum, espresso and vanilla syrup.

Cocktails at Slate NQ Bar Leeds
 The cocktails were absolutely amazing! We were so impressed and definitely will be coming back to sample more in the very near future.

Slate NQ Bar LeedsSlate NQ Bar Leeds

For pizza I ordered the Parma Ham and the boy ordered Blue Cheese and Parma Ham.
Pizza at Slate NQ Bar Leeds
Pizza at Slate NQ Bar Leeds
pizza at Slate NQ Bar Leeds
 The pizzas were presented really beautifully. I mean look at them! Definitely photo worthy. The service was brilliant and we didn't have to wait very long for them to come out. Although we did feel like the pizza base could have been seasoned more. I would give it a 6/10.
They also have a selection of sandwiches and meat and cheese boards on the menu which I would like to come back and try.

Slate NQ Bar Leeds
Slate NQ Bar Leeds

Slate NQ Bar Leeds
Once we were full of pizza and cocktails we played some pool. I hadn't played for about two years (since I've finished uni!) and got my ass kicked, five times to be precise! We had such a great time though. I think I will have to start playing more often because I definitely could use the practice!

The decor of Slate NQ is what I would describe as a mix of Old England and modern New York. There's a very nice balance between vintage and new. The atmosphere in the bar was great too, they played a mix of indie hits which was a lovely change from the overplayed chart music.

Overall I think Slate NQ is a great bar to come visit with your friends or on a date and I'll definitely be coming back.
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  1. I'm really looking forward to giving Slate NQ a try when I'm back in Leeds in 3 weeks, if not just for the pool! Not that I'm any good at pool whatsoever, I think I've played in a grant total of twice in the past 5 years but you know, I could be a natural, haha! Those cocktails look yummy.

    Imogen //


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