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I think the easiest way for to update your look is by changing your hairstyle.
I've been a blonde, brunette and a redhead with many different experimentations of pink, blue and purple thrown in there too. I used get really bored of my hair and wanted a constant change, especially as a teenager!
The reason why I stopped dying my hair was because it became weak, dry and brittle.
I had two options: stop dying my hair or cut it short. I've chosen to have long hair instead of dyed hair.
I've actually really grown to love my natural hair colour in the last couple of years.
However, I felt like I was ready for some change and my fringe was really annoying me on a daily basis!

Leeds XS Hair Salon Review
Here's a couple of pictures of my hair before the hair cut.
Leeds Hair Salon Review

I've been toying with the idea of getting a full fringe again and to dip dye my hair blonde/grey for a couple of months.
The thing is, there was a couple of things stopping me:

1. I am terrified of hairdressers as I have had a few negative experiences
2. I spent years growing my hair out and didn't want to wreck it again

I've been reading about a treatment called Olaplex which prevents breakage when dying hair. It's the most revolutionary hair product in about a 100 years! XS hair in Leeds city centre, where I've been going for Cryotherapy treatments offer this treatment so I just had to give it a try!

I told the hairdresser (Linda) that I was a nervous about getting my hair done and she was very nice about it, t ook her time to explain exactly what she was going to be doing and why, and made me feel relaxed.
XS Hair Salon Leeds
XS Hair Salon Review

Whilst my hair was developing I had a Shellac Manicure, which I'm quite fond of because it lasts so long. I went for a gorgeous dark burgundy colour with a little added sparkle.

Shellac Manicure XS Hair Leeds

The blonde in my hair didn't turn out as light as I'd expected, but that's partly my fault because I told the hairdresser that it takes really easy to hair dye; which it obviously doesn't anymore! Despite this, I really love my new hair style!

XS Hair Salon Leeds

Sunnydei Lifestyle blogger
Sunnydei Lifestyle Blogger

Here's what it looks like straight.

The quality of my hair is very, very good to say that I had bleach and lots of toner on it. XS hair offers the Olaplex treatment with hair dye or as a stand alone treatment so if you're worried about the condition of your hair I would very highly recommend that you get yourself booked in for it.

Linda, the stylist also asked me which hair shampoo I use and recommended Neal & Wolf, because they don't have any Sulphates, Parabens or other nasty chemicals commonly used in most shampoos we buy on the high street/

You can buy both the shampoo and the conditioner for £10 a bottle in the XS hair Leeds salon (which is actually cheaper than on the Neal & Wolf website!). It smells absolutely amazing, and is made using natural ingredients.
Neal Wolf Shampoo

XS hair currently has a fantastic offer to all new clients, you can get your hair restyled and blow dried for just £25! 
I also have to mention that I had THE best head massage I've ever had when I had my hair washed so make sure you ask for it when getting your hair washed!

Until next time,
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  1. Awww, you look amazing and I adore your nails! I definitely need to go and have a pamper day soon myself, there's nothing nicer than getting your hair and nails done. - Tasha

    1. Thanks so much Tasha! Yeah it had literally beeen years since I've been to a hairdresser so was a lovely day :) x


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