Pie & Beer at Shooters Sports Bar Leeds

Like sports? In particular Rugby and Football? Throughout the Rugby World Cup Shooters are offering a pie and beermatch up for each of the competing nations.
Shooters Bar Leeds Food

Me and some friends were invited to sample some pies and beer (how could I say no?!). It was actually my first time in Shooters as I'm not really that into sports but my friend Adam had been there before to watch some football games and I can see why. The atmosphere of the bar was absolutely buzzing and there are lots of big tv and projection screens, it certainly beats watching a game at home.
My friends ordered a selection of pies which were: Argentinian, Scottish, & Tonga. For the beers they picked Guinnes Double Porter, Quilmes, & Sierra Nevada.

Shooters Bar Leeds

I must say the selection of beers was brilliant, they really complimented the pies. My friends decided that the Argentinian pie filled with chimchurri steak was their favourite. The pie and beer pairing costs only £7.95 and I personally think that any Rugby game would be better with a pie!

Unfortunately, because of my gluten intolerance I couldn't sample any pies but I had the Louisiana Gumbo which was delicious.
Shooters Bar Leeds

If you're after some great atmosphere and some tasty grub whilst watching a game, then Shooters is the place for you!
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  1. GUMBO IS AMAZING! My husband is from the US and often makes his family's special Gumbo. Glad you enjoyed it!

    - Laura


  2. Those pies and gumbo look delicious. I was wondering what the Scottish one is? Whenever I visit I love to get the macaroni and mince meat pies! :)
    Kristin Prettyloved.com

  3. You're so right, how could you say no to pie and beer?! Glad you had a lovely time there, the food does look delicious xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. Aww it's a shame you couldn't try any of the pies! The food does look really delicious though :) x


  5. This actually looks really good!



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