Things You Have To Do in Thailand (Part 1)

This time two years ago I was backpacking around Thailand with my friend Jake. I can honestly say it's one of the best things I have ever ever done. If you're considering going to Thailand or somewhere else in Asia I would say just do it!

Thailand is a stunning country with luscious jungles, sandy golden beaches, AMAZING food and very happy, friendly people. 

We had an amazing time and met so many cool people. When we went I had just graduated and the trip allowed to forget all about being a grown up, responsibilities and graduate jobs. It was a welcome break break and an experience of a lifetime.
The list of things to do in Thailand is pretty much endless but I thought I would write down some of my most memorable experiences.

 Jungle Trekking and Visiting a Hill Tribe

We went jungle trekking in Chiang Mai and it was one of the best things we'd done!
It was physically exhausting and a little scary at a couple points (we had to climb some very steep hills!) but so worth it. The views were amazing. Lots of people who go to Thailand forget that there is a very green part of the country that's really worth seeing. Jungle trekking gives you a chance to see rural Thailand that you otherwise you wouldn't.

Depending where you do it the trek can be quite long, I think ours was about 4 or 5 hours, but we had two waterfall stops along the way, where we swam and relaxed.

Staying with the hill tribe definitely wasn't a luxurious experience, we slept in a little wooden farm house dorm room and the bath room and shower were both situated outside. But honestly if I had to do it again I would! 
We spent the night around a campfire playing cards, guitars drinking beer and singing songs. There wasn't as much interaction with the tribe people as I had expected, they made us food and then pretty much left us to it but it was still awesome! 

Night Markets

Night markets in Thailand are incredible. They are so colourful and full of amazing things you never knew you needed. If you want to bring gifts back for your family and friends night markets is the place to get them.
The best ones we visited were in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Elephant Camp
Before you go on an Elephant back tour I would strongly suggest you do some research into the company fist to ensure the animals are well looked after.
We had an Elephant ride around a jungle and then went river rafting in a very small village on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. 
It was a perfect day. The staff were very gentle and friendly with the animals and the Elephant that we had was quite stubborn and would stop every few metres and not move again until we gave her a banana to eat.

Sleeper Train

They are definitely an experience! I would recommend that you pay the extra few baht though and don't go economic class. 
You basically get your own little bunk bed with fresh sheets and a curtain and sleep whilst the train takes you to your location over night. If you want to see a lot of Thailand be prepared to take a few of these as a lot of journeys can take between 6 - 14 hours. 
One of our trains was stopped in the middle of the mountains on the way to Chiang Mai for about 8 hours because there were some tracks missing so our journey took about 20 hours in total. Although it wasn't as bad as it sounds, we met some amazing people (who we then went on to do the jungle trek with) got drunk and had an amazing time. 

Since my trip the Thai government has invested a lot of money on fixing up the rail tracks so I'm sure the same thing won't happen to you! 

Watch the sunset on a beach

Honestly the beaches in Thailand are just as amazing as they show them in the photos. I would say I saw some of the best beaches that I've ever laid my eyes on whilst I was away and with that comes the best sunsets. I think my favourite  beach was Railay Beach, which is a short boat trip away from Krabi. It was incredible! Although the sunsets are amazing on every island/ beach town.

 Visit some Temples

Thai temples, are astonishinly beautiful. Even if it's something that doesn't really interest I'd say visit at least one or two because they are nothing like a western church or chapel. Bangkok and Ayutthaya have some incredible temples.

I realise this is quite a long post so I'm to split it into two parts. Part two covers some more things to do in Thailand and also some travel advice that I wish I had when I went! Do you have any travel posts? If so, please leave a link in the comments I would love to read it!

Until next time,


  1. Ah this post is so good! It's taken me right back to Thailand and your photos are incredible - I especially love the lantern night market ones!
    I think I went on the same Chang Mao trek as you as I recognise the place where you stayed! And we met a very similar little pig haha.
    Take me back!
    Love Sarah xxx

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! AH as if we've done the same one! That's funny :) x

  2. Beautiful pictures Dei, that pig is soo cute! Once I settle in Chiang Mai I will try find him, if he is still about!
    Amazing sunsets and market photos too - you're an inspiration.

    Love Meg xxxx

    1. Thanks so much for commenting lovely human your comments both virtual and in life always make my day <3 x


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