Brunch at Ox Club Leeds

Having a full time job means that I absolutely love the weekend. I get to go to sleep without worrying about my alarm going off in the morning and I don't have to have a rushed microwaveable porridge for breakfast. In fact Monday to Friday breakfast is my absolute least favourite meal, however Brunch is a different story. Brunch means you can eat whatever you want. You can have pancakes or eggs or meat and it doesn't matter because it's lunch and breakfast in one!

Ox Club Leeds Brunch

When I learned that the awesome Headrow House was going to open a restaurant - Ox Club I was very intrigued to learn more about it. When I got invited to try out their brunch menu I got so very excited, of course I had to go, Ox Club actually has a menu dedicated to Brunch (!!).

The decor really made me feel like I was somewhere like Copenhagen rather than in Leeds. There's very big windows, exposed white brickwork and wooden tables.

Ox Club interrior
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Headrow House Ox Club interiorHeadrow House Ox Club interior
Headrow House Ox Club interior

The menu is really different from any other brunch menu that I've seen before. It definitely seems that there's some European inspiration with their food, in particular with the 'Ox Club Breakfast' as the sausage wasn't a traditional English sausage, it was more like a smoked sausage I've had before for breakfast in Germany. I'm originally from Lithuania so I pretty much all and any smoked sausages and I absolutely loved the breakfast.
Ox Club Leeds Brunch

The boy ordered 'Corned Beef & Kale Hash' which was absolutely delicious! I didn't really know what to expect, but honestly, I am salivating a little just by thinking about it, the combination of potatoes, the seasoning, kale, beef and egg were just heavenly.
Perhaps I'll have to make a little trip back to Ox Club once I finish writing the post...

Ox Club Leeds Brunch
Ox Club Leeds Brunch

Do you have any favourite brunch spots? 

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  1. Looks delicious! I looove brunch, in NZ, brunch is probably one of the most popular things for people to do - always having brunch dates. I'm glad it's making it's way to the UK! x

    Jasmin Charlotte x

  2. Thanks so much Jasmin! I'm so glad it's making it's way here too, slowly but surely :) I'd love to come to NZ and try out your brunch food! Maybe one day :) x

  3. This looks amazing! I really wanted to go to this but I was working and couldn't. Booooo hiss. It looks delicious though. Where is the cheese?

    Corinne x

  4. This looks amazing! I'd love to go here. I'm exactly the same in that the weekend is my time off and me and my boyfriend usually spend our days off trying out new and exciting places to eat. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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