How To Stick To New Years Resolutions: 7 Tips

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It’s a start of a new year and ‘New Year New Me’ memes and social media updates are making an appearance. Everyone is making New Year resolutions because we all tend to see the new year as a fresh start, as an opportunity to improve something about ourselves or our lives.
In reality though very few people actually stick to and achieve their resolutions. The reason being that most people set very unrealistic and high pressure goals for themselves which unfortunately often leads to failure sometimes even before January is over! I can hold up my hands and say that I am one of those people.
After years of making a resolution of having a flat toned stomach here I am still with some excess rolls that I wish weren’t there. However I’ve learned a way you can achieve and smash those New Year resolutions by following the 7 steps below.

1 Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself.

Remember that New Year's day is just another day. Whilst it feels like a fresh start you shouldn’t expect to change your whole life around in one day, plus you’re probably nursing a hangover right? Just take it easy, do what you enjoy, treat yourself and make an action plan of how and what you are going to change over the next twelve months.

How To Stick To New Years Resolutions: 7 Tips

2 Be Realistic

One of the main reasons why people tend to ditch or fail at their New Year resolutions is because they set crazy, unrealistic goals. Whilst losing three stone, quit smoking, buy a house and run a marathon might all sound like amazing they are also likely to the reason why you fail. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Evaluate your life and pick the things that are the most important but don’t try to change everything at once.

3 Write Down Your Resolutions

Now I swear by this tip, there’s just something about writing your goals down that makes it much more real. For the last few years on New Years Eve or New Years Day I have been writing down some things that I would really like to achieve in the New Year and placing the piece of paper under my bed mattress. You can then retrieve your list in exactly a years time and see what you have achieved.

4 Focus On One Big Thing At A Time

Break down each resolution into small achievable steps, for example if you want to be healthier you could start by drinking extra two glasses of water a day and then gradually increase the steps.

5 Positive Thinking Makes A Difference

Now this can be a tough one but really does make such a difference. Ban yourself from using negative language such as “I can’t be bothered, It’s too cold, I’m too tired” and make yourself and your brain think in a more positive manner with phrases such as “I always feel so much more energized and ready for the day after the gym”. Doing this will naturally motivate you and make it more likely for you to stick to your goals.

6 Track Your Progress

Write down each time you complete one of the steps to get you closer to your goal. When you see your results over time will motivate you to keep going. Celebrate your little successes and give yourself a pat on the back each time you complete of the steps to get you closer to your goal!

7 Forget It’s All Or Nothing

The all or nothing way of thinking and doing things simply does not work in the long term. I know this because I have been so guilty of it for so long myself. You want to achieve your goals slowly but surely. For example if your goal is to lose weight but chocolate cake is your one true love in life then you shouldn’t completely cut it out straight away because that will only make you want it more. If you do slip up, well so what? You’re only human after all, just make sure you get back on track and don’t be too hard on yourself.

I’ve personally incorporated all of these tips myself in the last year and they have really worked. I really hope that it helps you too! My goals for 207 are to become mentally and physically fitter by practicing more yoga and meditation, learn how to cook more vegetarian recipes (please send your faves my way!) and to travel as much as I can. What are your goals and resolutions for the next year?

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  1. I love this post Dei - I'm saving it so that I've got it to hand when my motivation wanes :) x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. Number two is definitely a big thing for me! I start off with one resolution then I'm like 'ooh I could do this too... and this' and end up exhausting myself! This year I'm determined to stick to the two I've set and not stress myself out over them.
    Love Lucinda xx

  3. Such a good post Dei, writing down your resolutions definitely helps, I find it particularly helpful to post them on the blog, so everyone knows about it too!
    Lauren xx

  4. Such good tips Dei. Its important to be realistic and ensure you don't beat yourself up :)


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