6 Restaurants You Need To Try In Leeds

Eating out has to be one of my favourite pass times. I absolutely love food and living in Leeds means that I'm spoiled for choice no matter what I'm in the mood for. Here's just 6 places that you need to try!

For The Meat Lovers

Smoke Barbeque

Smoke Barbeque is a very recent addition to the Leeds barbeque meat scene and what a great addition they are! Everything is smoked in house, they don't even own gas cookers in the restaurant! If you love meat, then this place is for you. Their ribs, beef, chicken and smoked sausage are all delicious, I'm getting pretty hungry just by thinking about it. The portions are generous and the sides are just as tasty as the meat, in particular the jalapeno corn muffin is to die for and compliments the meat very well.

I was also very impressed with their desserts, their melt in mouth gluten free brownie was divine and the peanut butter cheesecake was pretty good too.

Barbeque food at smoke leeds
Smoke Barbecue Leeds restaurant
Desserts at Smoke Leeds

Bem Brazil

Another must visit for any meat lover is Bem Brazil, a Brazilian barbeque meat restaurant. It's an all you can eat restaurant so perhaps you should have a light lunch prior to your visit, because trust you will want to save space to try all of the delicious meats and sides. I was really impressed with the salad bar, there's so many options all of which compliment the meat but also taste great on their own. 

Salad bar
Salad bar at Bem Brazil
Food at Bem Brazil

Date Night / Celebration meal out


Chaophraya is the perfect place if you're looking for a fine dining experience. The decor is absolutely beautiful with lots of intricate details and traditional Thai statues. The menu offers a great selection of traditional Thai dishes, with some really delicious vegetarian options too. I had an Aubergine dish, which was incredible and I didn't miss the meat at all.
The best thing is that the selection of cocktails is just as good as the food. Chaophraya are actually one of the places who will be present at this years Cocktails in the city, so if you're going ensure to give them a try!
 This is the perfect restaurant for a celebration, a date night or any time you feel like putting on your best shoes and having some amazing food! 

Thai Food
Thai FoodChaophraya Leeds restaurant


Ecco Pizzeria

I think eating pizza is pretty much perfect for every occasion. Whether it's a catch up with your friends, date night or a celebration, you just can't go wrong with good pizza! You can find really really good pizza at Ecco Pizzeria
Because of my gluten intolerance I have to say that I usually avoid pizza restaurants because they either don't offer a gluten free option or the gluten free pizza really sucks, however I thought I'd give Ecco pizza a try  and it was great! The base was full of flavour and the toppings were incredible. I was so happy to have a gluten free pizza and genuinely enjoy it! The normal pizza tasted amazing too, according to my friends. 
They also make the creamiest homemade (well it gets made in the restaurant) gelato,  and there's so many flavours to choose from. In particular, I would recommend the salted caramel.

Dough Balls at Ecco Pizzeria
Pizza at Ecco Pizzeria Leeds
Gluten Free Pizza
stone bake oven

Quick and Easy


I had my first ever burrito at Barburrito when I moved to Leeds five and a half years ago. It was love at first taste. 
Since then I've had countless more from many different places but Barburrito still remains a of mine. Their burritos are full of flavour and they are generous with the toppings meaning that you will never experience a dry burrito that's primarily just rice. You can have your burrito in a tortilla wrap or as a salad bowl.
They've recently updated their look and I have to say that I love it, all the plants are such a nice touch and the floral wallpaper is funky. It's the perfect lunch pit stop if I'm in town shopping or if I'm craving mexican food.

Barburrito leedsMaking a burrito
Making a burrito

My Thai

My Thai is one of my very favourite places to eat out in Leeds. I think my visits are definitely in double digit numbers by now. 
The food is so fresh, delicious and very affordable! I think main meals cost around £6.50 - £7.50 and the portion sizes are great. Often on a weekend, instead of ordering a takeaway we'll go to My Thai, the food tastes so much better and the prices are practically the same as ordering a takeaway online. The atmosphere of My Thai is cozy and relaxed, the restaurant is pretty small so I wouldn't recommend trying to go to the Merrion Centre restaurant with a big group of friends. They've recently opened a bigger restaurant on York Place which is more suitable for bigger groups of people but I'm yet to visit it.

Thai Noodle soup
Pad Thai

Have you been to any of these places? What are your favourite places to eat in Leeds?

Until next time,


  1. I've only ever been to Bar burrito, but all of the others are right at the top of my list! I also need somewhere to go for my Graduation meal in July, I hadn't thought of Chaophraya but Thai is my favourite food so maybe I should got for that!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles.co.uk

    1. Ah it would be the perfect spot for a graduation meal! It's really glamorous in there! :)

  2. Ok so hungry now! I occasionally have a day out with my mum in Leeds as we only live in hull so I'll keep this list for next time we're there!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

    1. Haha thanks! Aw if you visit any of them you have to let me know what you think! :)

  3. OMG I love these kinds of posts - so many amazing food pics!! I need to try out these when I;m back, I haven't been to any of them! Chaophraya looks incredible <3

    Sarah xxx www.whatsasssays.com

    1. Thanks Sarah! :) Chaophraya is sooo nice! Looks gorgeous inside too xx

  4. Love My Thai! Amazing food and so cheap it's ridiculous.

    1. It's the best isn't it? I eat there a lot haha

  5. I recently visited Bem Brazil during their lunch menu, it was so yummy especially the cinnamon pineapple. My Thai looks really yummy so thank you for the recommendation. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Oh I've not tried the pineapple! Is that a dessert? My Thai is really reallyy tasty :)

  6. The only one of these I've ever been o is Barburrito - I'm really slacking! need to get myself to leeds soon I think! :)


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