The Cocktail Experience - 3 Must Try Cocktails

Last year I went to the press event for The Cocktail Experience and had an awesome time sampling delicious drinks. It's an absolute must event for any cocktail lover and it's back! This year even bigger and better. I got invited to attend the press event again and decided to test out all the drinks so I can share with you my absolute favourites that you must try.

The Cocktail Experience Leeds

1 - Marigold - 53 Degrees North

53 Degrees North is a pretty new addition to the Leeds bar scene. It opened up last year and it's joined with Riccis tapas. The cocktail they're serving up at the cocktail experience is a very refreshing and not too sweet. I could easily sip on it all night! It's also presented beautifully, garnished with flowers. It's a gin based cocktail with hints of pineapple and grapefruit.

The Cocktail Experience Leeds
The Cocktail Experience Leeds

2. Ruby - Jakes Bar

This cocktail made me think of warm summer nights. This is another gin based cocktail, which tastes of strawberry and pomegranate. It's very fruity and sweet (but not so sweet that you feel like your teeth are going to fall out!) and absolutely delicious. Jakes bar seem to have a whole new cocktail menu and this creation is the one they will be selling at the cocktail experience.

The Cocktail Experience Leeds

3. Chida Fizz - Chida

My third favourite cocktail of the night was actually from a bar that does not yet exist! Chida is opening up in place of Sandinista. It's going to be a Mexican bar with a strong focus on Tequila and they'll be serving up a variety of tacos. I think they are planning to open up in March, just in time for the summer season! This cocktail was tequila based but the flavour of tequila was quite gentle. It was served with lemon, cucumber and hibiscus cordial. It was refreshing and very easy to drink. I can't wait to visit Chida and enjoy this cocktail in the warm summer sunshine.

The Cocktail Experience Leeds

So there you have it, my three favourite cocktails from the night. The Cocktail Experience is taking place on the 3rd of March and you can buy tickets and learn more about the event here.

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  1. Mmm, is it wrong that I'm craving a Chida Fizz at 9am in the morning? HA!
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