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Zadar Croatia Architecture

One sunny and very warm summer evening me and my friend Kate were drinking cooled wine on the terrace and decided that we needed a holiday. There and then we put a credit card to good use and booked a getaway to Zadar in Croatia. I am now so thankful for our spontaneity on that gorgeous sunny evening as it gave us the opportunity to explore, make memories and soak up the last of the summer sunshine. Below I share with you the things you must do if you visit!

Zadar town street

We stayed in an apartment about twenty minutes walk from Zadar old town in Apartments Maruna. We booked it through which was a little misleading as when we booked we were under the impression that we were getting quite a large apartment but once we booked it the photos looked completely different. This left us a little disappointed but in the end even though our apartment wasn't very big or luxurious it was very clean, with a comfortable bed and a balcony where we were able to have breakfast in the sunshine. The owner of the apartments was also very friendly and welcoming, he gave us maps and recommended things to do.

Zadar architecture

The two things you absolutely must see in Zadar are the Sea Organ and the Greetings To The Sun. The views of the sea and the horizon are absolutely beautiful and there's something so indescribably magical about the sea organs. We visited it a few times during our visit and each time the music sounded different because it reacts to the waves. The greetings to the sun is a solar light panel installation which starts playing a light show consisting of different colours and patterns.

Zadar Croatia travel blogger
Zadar Croatia sea
Zadar Croatia seaside

During our three day stay we discovered two awesome places to eat and drink in Zadar that we actually went back to more than once. Because we visited in late October it seemed like some of the restaurants that would usually be open in the summer were shut however there was still quite a few options to choose from.

For Lunch and Dinner I have to insist that you give the Konoba Malo Misto a try. It's very reasonably priced, the staff were really friendly and the food was absolutely delicious. I had a glorious chicken risotto there and it was so good I had to have it twice, they also have a great selection of meat and fish dishes. They have an outdoor and indoor restaurant and the atmosphere was really cosy in both of them.

Zadar Croatia Weekend Break Travel blog
Zadar Architecture croatia
Zadar ARchitecture

We visited the restaurant of The Art Hotel Kalelarga on the night when we decided that we would first have dessert followed up cheese and wine instead of a normal dinner (what a great idea that was).
We sampled the famous Pag cheese (Paški cheese) from Pag Island, that's made from the milk of a unique small breed of sheep that only live on that island and produce a limited amount of milk. If you're a lover of cheese then you must try Pag cheese during your visit to Croatia, it's absolutely delicious. To me it tastes something in between of Manchego and Parmesan cheese. 
We even came back here for cake and hot drinks on our last day when it was absolutely pouring it down. They have an amazing selection of cakes including a gluten free chocolate pistachio torte which was divine.

Zadar Croatia Weekend Break Travel blog

Below is a little photo diary of some of the things I photographed during our stay.

Zadar old town croatia
Zadar Croatia Weekend Break Travel blog
Zadar Croatia old town architecture
Zadar Croatia  Travel blogger posing
Zadar Croatia architecture
Zadar Croatia Weekend Break

You can also check out a little more of what we got up to and get to know me a little better in the below vlog.

I had an awesome time in Croatia and will definitely be back to explore more of this beautiful country!

Have you ever been to Croatia? Can you recommend where I should visit next?

Until next time,


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