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Food is one of my greatest loves in life. I love eating and I love cooking, so when the lovely team at Zeal invited me to an event organised by Inn travel I was over the moon! There's nothing I love more than exploring new recipes and it sounded like the perfect way to spend a sunday. We were going to be cooking european dishes paired with delicious wines and inspired by the destinations where Inn travel offer slow holidays. Incase you're wondering what slow holidays are, they are the type of holidays that allow you to relax and unwind whilst exploring beautiful locations.
Molton Cookery School

Molton Cookery School
Molton Cookery School

I have only lived in Yorkshire for six years (almost) and have actually never heard of Molton before. It's a lovely little town full of amazing hidden foodie treasures. The Molton Cookery school was gorgeous and the ladies who ran the course were charming, knowledgeable, super friendly and they also made menu alterations especially for me to cater for my gluten intolerance.

We all got split up into separate stations and a whole lot of multitasking was going on during the day.
Between us we made the following dishes:
  • Swedish mackerel on toast
  • Black Forrest gateau Malton style
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Coq au wall top (coq au vin but with local beer served with pomme Anna and pea francais)
  • Pizza with Yorkshire topping
  • Local pork served with smoked mushroom dust and gnocchi and an Italian mushroom stew 
I paired up with one of my favourite blogger ladies Ally from Digital Diva. I made gluten free soda bread and Ally made the chocolate mousse. As you can see from my hands the making of gluten free soda bread is a very very messy process! Luckily it still turned out okay, it didn't look half as good as the normal soda bread (as you can see from the vlog) but it still tasted great! 

Molton Cookery School
Molton Cookery School
Molton Cookery SchoolMolton Cookery School

Mackerel is one of my favourite types of fish and since I'm a big fan of pickled fish I was really excited about this recipe. The bread was absolutely delicious and the cucumber and mustard dressing really brought the whole combination together.
Molton Cookery School

I used some of the soda bread mixture to make my pizza and it was great! I used Yorkshire cheddar cheese, mushrooms, mozarella, Yorkshire ham and spring onions.
Molton Cookery School
Food at Molton Cookery School
The food cooked at Molton Cookery School

All of the food was absolutely amazing! The ingredients we used were very fresh and locally sourced which made it taste even better. The alcohol pairing was perfect too, we had some delicious white and red wine, port and some lemon vodka. If it wasn't for all the food I definitely would have left feeling tipsy!
Photo credit Kristina www.modeofstyle.com
After all the cooking and eating of food at the Molton Cookery school, we visited some awesome foodie spots all over Malton which included Brass Castle brewery where we got to taste some delicious beer and Talbot Yard which is the home to Aldo's fresh pasta maker, Food 2 Remember butchers which sold lots of amazing gluten free goodies and Groovy Moo ice cream. 
It was such a great day out filled with delicious food I would recommend a visit to Malton to any foodie!

You can see my vlog of the cookery school below, unfortunately my camera died so I wasn't able to get footage of the rest of the day!

Can you recommend any good foodie spots in Yorkshire?
Until next time,
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  1. I was super jealous when I saw all the pictures from this event. It looked amazing and so delicious. I love food (a little bit of an unhealthy relationship) so glad you all enjoyed it!
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

  2. Ahhhh this was such a fun day! I wish we could go back and eat everything again! x
    Sophie Cliff

  3. Those hands, ha :) Great day and I wouldn't mind some of that dessert or the ice cream right now! x


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