Moogoo Acne Cleansing Moisturiser & 3 Vitamin Serum Review

Hello there! It's time to get a little personal. Since turning 23 I have made two significant changes to my skincare routine. No one in the online world knows this but in the last year I have developed acne. That's right I developed acne at the age of 23.
moogoo skincare review

Throughout my teenage years I was burdened with blackheads and the occasional breakouts during my time of the month but generally speaking I have always had very clear skin. On day to day I didn't even need to wear foundation and then all of a sudden I kept getting spots all over my forehead and they just weren't going away. I tried different face washes, different moisturisers, face masks and nothing the spots stayed. My acne wasn't awfully bad but comparing to how my skin usually was, well it was bad. It was really bringing me down and affected my confidence. I even cut my side fringe into a full fringe again to hide the spots!
That's when I came across the Moogoo Acne Cleansing Moisturiser*. I was already using the Moogoo full fat moisturiser and loved it so after reading some reviews I decided to give it a go.

Moogoo 3 vitamin serum review

The breakouts starting clearing up within three days of using the product. I honestly couldn't believe it, the cream really was as good as everyone said! The best thing about it is that it's completely natural and it doesn't contain any bleach which is the usual addition in anti acne creams. The one downside of the cream is the smells takes a little getting used to, I can't really describe what it smells like but it's definitely not as nice as the full fat cream moisturiser I was using previously.
I have been using the acne moisturiser for about 5 months and the cream really did help lessen the breakouts and made them go away much quicker but it didn't fully heal my acne. I had to have a course of antibiotics which I am just finishing at the moment. My skin is finally clear again and I couldn't be happier. Whether you have acne or just want to get rid of some breakouts I would highly recommend this cream.

Moogoo acne moisturiser review

A second addition to my skincare routine is the 3 Vitamin Eye Serum*. I read on some beauty blog somewhere that the skin under our eyes is much more sensitive than the rest of our face and if we truly want to look after it then normal moisturiser just wasn't going to cut it. Learning this little fact made me do some research into the best eye serums, after all like my mum says it's much better to try and prevent wrinkles than trying to treat them once they are already here. I needed to find one product that would more than one thing. I wanted to find something that would care for the skin under my eyes and prevent wrinkles, I also wanted something to help with my dark circles. Unfortunately the skin under my eyes is very fine so unless I lather it with concealer my dark circles are very noticeable, I once went out without any make up on and my friends asked me if I was ill!

The 3 Vitamin Serum combines three vitamins - Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5. Like the acne cream I have been using this for 5 months and I just love it! My dark circles have really improved ( I think that's down to the vitamin c) and the skin under my eyes feels soft supple and nourished. The best thing about this serum ( apart from the fact that it actually works!) is that it's very affordable at only £12.90 a bottle. The boy has been using this with me and after 5 months we still have lots of it left, so it really is amazing value for money.

What are you skincare routine secrets?

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  1. Oh no! I can definitely sympathise as I've been having a terrible time with breakouts recently - suspect my diet needs a shake up, but I will definitely have to check this stuff out as well. - Tasha


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