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Having coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance sucks. Not only we have to cut out some of the best things in life like pizza and croissants but eating out can be difficult. Since having to go gluten free I've had so many awkward moments in restaurants. I usually have to double check everything that I order to ensure that it's safe or go to a really nice restaurant and then have to order a salad because they simply don't do 'gluten free' food. Leeds has such a big selection of great restaurants but unfortunately many of them don't have many gluten free options, that's why I was so excited to learn that the New Conservatory have a full gluten free menu! When they invited me over to try it, I simply couldn't say no!

The New Conservatory Gluten Free menu

Now I have to be honest if I was looking for a restaurant that offers a gluten free food I would have never thought that the New Conservatory would have so many options, it seems it's Leeds best kept secret!

Me and the boy had a full three course meal which was absolutely delicious. Now the boy isn't gluten free but for the review purposes I asked him to oder from the gluten free menu to give me a chance to try more options. The choices on the menu were so good that he actually didn't mind at all!

For our starters I had the garlic prawns on ciabatta style gluten free bread, the boy had the belly pork. The starters were full of flavour and the gluten free bread was absolutely delicious, if I wasn't told that it was gluten free I wouldn't have guessed it! I have to be honest I'm not usually a fan of belly pork or any fatty meat for that matter but it tasted amazing and the fat just melted in my mouth so it wasn't even that noticeable. They boy said it was the best belly pork he had ever had!

The New Conservatory Gluten Free menu
The New Conservatory Gluten Free menu

 For our mains I had a Sirloin steak which came with mushrooms, tomato and pepper sauce and for the side I chose the fries. The boy had a fillet steak skewer which came with blue cheese sauce and he chose to have some garlic mushrooms as his side. The restaurant manager informed that all of the meat is locally sourced in Yorkshire and of the best quality. Both of our steaks were juicy and full of flavour. The pepper sauce was rich and creamy and the helping of sauce was very generous too. I think overall the portion sizes were perfect, not too small to still feel hungry but also not too big which meant that nothing went to waste and we still had room for desserts (well just about!).

The New Conservatory Gluten Free menu
Gluten Free menu Leeds

I had a chocolate brownie and the boy had the salted caramel sundae. The brownie had the perfect texture, it was quite gooey although I have to say I felt like it could have been a bit more chocolatey in flavour. The sundae had the perfect balance of flavours and was absolutely divine.

The New Conservatory Gluten Free menu dessert
The New Conservatory Gluten Free menu

Overall I was very impressed with the gluten free menu at The New Conservatory. I think it's one of the biggest gluten free menus that I have seen in Leeds, there really is a lot of choice! You can take a look at the menu here. I was also informed that they even do gluten free Sunday roasts, with Yorkshire puddings and everything! I don't remember the last time I had Sunday dinner with a Yorkshire pudding so I will definitely be coming back to sample roast there.

A little while ago I also got invited to sample the new summer menu ( some of which was also gluten free).  Some of the tasty new additions include a goats cheese and red pepper risotto, crab cake with wilted spinach and white wine sauce and pan fried cod with sweet chilli butter. New desserts on the menu are the salted caramel sundae, homemade cheesecake and chocolate and amaretto mousse.

I would recommend the New Conservatory to anyone whether they're gluten free or not. I've tried quite a few things of the menu and everything is absolutely delicious, the staff are very friendly and the restaurant has a nice relaxed atmosphere.
*The New Conservatory invited me for a complimentary meal but as always the opinion is 100% my own.*

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