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To celebrate the Cheltenham races Ladbrokes hosted a fabulous blogger event at Revolution Deansgate Locks in Manchester. The lovely Sarah from whatsasssays invited me as her plus one and it sounded too good not to attend!

The venue was gorgeous and the were oh so many delicious (free!) drinks available to choose from. In honesty I wished the event was hosted on a Friday so I could enjoy the drinks without holding back, but saying as I had work the next day I stopped after sensible four.

The place was decorated with beautiful cupcakes which were also included in our gift bags. Now unfortunately as I have a gluten intolerance I didn't sample any but Oli said that they were really delicious.

As I came straight after work I was absolutely starving and to my delight the event organizers spoiled us with lots of food! There were chicken skewers, pizzas, sweet potato wedges, nachos, salads and more.

 Sarah and Beth were looking beautiful as always, it was so great to see them.

After the drinks and the food we had a chance to put bets on with some tokens. Even though we all knew the races weren't real that didn't stop us from getting super excited and shouting words of encouragement to our chosen horses. There was a film crew and there should be a gogglebox style video showing our reactions coming soon.

What's even better was that there were two prizes at stake, a £100 and £50 shopping vouchers, which Laura and Sarah won!

There was also a #RaceFace selfie competition on twitter for a £25 voucher which I've found out today that I've won! I never win anything so was really pleased. I won't, however share the selfie with you as it's truly horrendous and very unflattering but if you really want to see it you can do so on my twitter.

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I had a really lovely time catching up with the gorgeous Sarah Emma, Beth, and Laura again as well as meeting some new bloggers. I hope to see them all again soon!

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Until next time,

Dei xx

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  1. Looks like you girls had a lot of fun! Totally went to Twitter to see your selfie... not horrendous at all! :)


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