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Hello there! A little while ago I attended a bloggers brunch where we got to learn all sorts of tips and tricks from the super blogger Hannah Gale and Jaywing PR. I thought it would be just plain mean if I didn't share some of this blogging wisdom which got passed down to me.
cute stationary

The event was held at Banyan, which I have to say has become one of my favourite new eateries in Leeds! The attention to detail at this event was incredible, we all had really cute stationary left on the table to be able to make notes and the tables were also decorated with beautiful flowers and stunning wooden centrepieces. It definitely made the brunch feel very special!

banyan leeds

Hannah Gale attended the event and shared with us her best blogging tips in the most down to earth kind of way which was awesome. Some of her tips were:

  • Always be ready to jump on the next social media hype - snapchat is a perfect example of this.
  • Don't copy other people to try and make your content 'fit in' - being unique and standing out from the crown is one of the best things you can do for your blog.
  • Don't make blogging your life - Go out and enjoy yourself, spend time with family and friends and don't feel bad if you miss a post or two. I think this was my favourite bit of advice and one that a lot of people need to listen to.
  • Don't write about every free product you get, you don't owe it to anyone - I think this is an amazing tip and one I can definitely relate to. I usually feel so grateful about receiving things that I feel bad not writing about it, but I'm going to start being more picky.
  • Invest in a half decent camera, use pinterest for composition ideas - Photograhpy is so important, if I ever go n a blog that has bad pictures I immediately leave, if it doesn't look professional and easy on the eyes I just love interest.
  • Have a clean easy to navigate design, Pipdig and Etsy sell great themes - First impressions are everything and if your design is easy on the eyes your viewers are likely to stick around for longer and come back time and time again.
  • Go to events and get involved in the industry - Blogger events can seem a little scary if you're never been before but I assure you that everyone is always really friendly and it's an amazing way to make blogger friends and develop relationships with brands.

Photo credit : Matt McCormick
Now onto the brunch...I just couldn't share a couple a of photos with you because it was super delicious! We had quite a few options to choose from which included the delicious pancakes below and my chosen dish, the energiser. Delicious sweet potato hash browns covered in seeds, two poached eggs, bacon and avocado and tomato salsa. I could eat that every morning!

blogger brunch pancakes
brunch at banyan leeds

I hope you find these tips helpful, I know I sure did!

Until next time,
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  1. Love these tips Dei! Sounds like Hannah had some great wisdom. Also that brunch looks so delicious... Mmm!

    Sarah xxx


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