Christmas Gift Guide : Perfect Unisex Gifts for Him & Her

Christmas countdown ( I can't believe how quick it has come around!) is on and I have created a gift guide which is suitable for both him and her or as ideal joint presents for couples. Hopefully this Christmas gift guide will save you some time and stress and give you some great little gift ideas for your family and friends!
DIY chocolate filled mason jars

Perfect gifts for Him, Her & Couples

Gift Hampers
I think gift hampers are an awesome present to give or receive at Christmas, especially the ones of the foodie variety.

The Joybelles gift hamper from Blossoming Gifts £35.99*

Food hamper

I think this gift hamper is amazing and it’s going to be a real struggle to not keep it for myself… It’s jam packed full of amazing treats some of which include Taste Christmas Mince Pies, Award Winning Plum Pudding With Port & Brandy, Buttermilk Mince Pie Fudge, Jacquot Fantaisie CaffĂ© Latte Truffles, Short bread, Crisps and more! It comes beautifully packaged in a red box and the contents are covered in delicate tissue paper. I honestly think that anyone would be absolutely delighted to receive this as a gift! Buy it here.

Amalthea Deli Gift Hamper £30*
This gift hamper was custom created for me by the lovely people behind the new Greek restaurant and deli shop in Leeds. There is a variety of amazing foodie hampers to choose from online which are already pre made or you can get in touch with them and order a custom made hamper filled with goodies from the deli shop.
All of the products sold in the shop are handmade and produced by small, independent producers in Greece. Each producer comes from a different area of Greece so they all follow traditional recipes of their area. The hamper pictures in my photo includes the following: - 85% Apricot Jam, Chilli olive oil, Ambrosia herbal tea (Great Taste Award 2015) with hyssop, hypericum, orange zest, Stawberry, mint & pepper jam (Great Taste Award 2015), Jamsine Elixir Vinegar (European Artisan Award) and two miniature choco jams - a chocolate spread with banana and one with mortello and cherries. The cost of my hamper would have been £30 or £33 with delivery.

Christmas food hamper

I honestly can’t recommend this deli enough, it’s like a foodies dream come true! You can order everything online or if you live in Leeds you can pop into the restaurant/deli and pick it up in person. I visited Amalthea  to go pick up my hamper and to sample the food menu (review coming soon) and I was very impressed with how knowledgeable the staff were.

Crabtree and Evelyn All Butter Spiced Ginger Biscuits £5*
Buttery biscuits are pretty much a Christmas essential and these biscuits come in the most beautiful tin! Crabtree and Evelyn really do have the most beautifully packaged Christmas collection this year. They would make a great little stocking filler or a beautiful addition to a DIY foodie hamper.
Buy here.

Crabtree and evelyn ginger biscuits

Teapigs Tea and Goodies
If you are a returning reader to sunnydei then you will know that I Love tea. In fact I would say tea is one of my favourite things in life ever (along with food, travelling and cats). Because of this I absolutely love giving and receiving tea and tea related goodies as gifts. I can’t help but want to introduce people I know into the realms of tea and its delicious flavour possibilities. Teapigs is one of my most beloved tea brands because of their very high quality unique teas and beautiful packaging.

Tea pigs tea

Tin of Tea £7.50 each Buy here.*

Spiced Winter Red Tea is one of my favourite go to hot drinks in the winter season.  A blend of tea, spice and everything nice or to be more accurate: orange peel, cinnamon and cloves on a redbush tea base.

Apple and Cinnamon
Apple and cinnamon is one of the best flavours ever, it reminds me of my mums apple cake and it’s a truly delicious and unique blend of tea.

Sweet Ginger Tea £3.99*
Ginger tea is perfect warming tea in the winter season because it’s known to help digestion and most of us are guilty of ever eating over the festive period. It’s delicious served with a slice of lemon and some honey. Buy Here.

Tea pigs tea

Chai Tea £3.99*
Chai tea tea is a black tea seasoned with cardamom pods, ginger, vanilla and cinnamon. It’s the perfect winter tea and absolutely delicious with some milk.

Perfect teas also call for a perfect tea pot and cup! I love this simple and minimalist teapigs teapot, which comes with a removable tea infuser. Its’ suitable for loose leaf tea and the tea temples (teapigs version of tea bags). The simplistic design would make a gorgeous addition to pretty much any kitchen. £21 buy here.

Tea pigs teapot

The white teapigs cup goes beautifully with the teapot. It’s the perfect shape and size to enjoy all the delicious teas in. £7.50 Buy here.

Gold Monogram Mug - Anthropologie £8

I absolutely love this mug from Anthropologie, the gold detail makes it extra festive and special. I think this mug is perfect for guys and gals because of its chunky shape. Buy here.

Anthropologie monogram mug

Jord Wood Watch £150 Buy here.
A hand crafted elegant wood watch which promises to be a Christmas show stopper! Jord watches are hand crafted from natural, sustainable wood and treated with oils rather than harsh chemicals. There’s lots of styles to choose from but I love this classic and minimalist looking Frankie watch! The Frankie design is unisex and comes in a range of different colours. I actually own one myself in a different shade which you can see here.

Jord wood watch

Tangy Melon Christmas Candles £9.95*

I absolutely love candles and think that scented candles can really add to the festive atmosphere and make the house feel much more homely. 

#WhiteChristmas candle by Tangy Melon
This candle smells very sweet and moreish. The scent is pumpkin and spiced apple but I think it almost smells a little bit of melon too. It's a gorgeous scent and I love the packaging too. Buy it here.

#Kisses candle by Tangy Melon 
This candle smells of cinnamon and ginger and I absolutely love it. It's a very sweet and warming scent that really makes me think of Christmas. Buy it here.

Tangy melon candles

All of the Tangy Melon candles are 100% soy wax and they are made using essential oils only, which means they are all vegan too. The scent of these candles is nice and strong because they are mixed with 12% essential oils. 

Yankee Candle Christmas Gift Set £50

Both my mum and the boy absolutely love Yankee candles. I gave the boy one of their Christmas scented candles as a Christmas present three years ago and we're actually still finishing it off. Even after being burned for third year running the candle still fills the whole room with a sweet cinnamon smell after a few minutes. A Yankee gift set is a wonderful present for any candle lover and makes a lovely joint present for couples or parents. I can't find this particular set online as I bought it in store but there's plenty to choose from on the Yankee candle website here.

Yankee candle giftset

DIY Chocolate Filled Mason Jar
I'm not very crafty but I'm very proud of this Christmas present idea! I bought a load of mason jars from Wilkos and filled with layers of different chocolates and topped it off with some marshmallows. The people who receive it will get to eat delicious chocolate treats on Christmas day and be left with a cute glass afterwards. I think each jar ended up costing around £4.50 each.

chocolate filled mason jars

I love spending time with my family, drinking mulled wine and eating copious amounts of cheese and chocolate. I also love seeing my loved ones open up my gifts and I really hope they like them this year! I also hope you found this gift guide useful and hopefully gained some inspiration!

Until next time,


  1. I feel like you can't go wrong with a hamper - I like to put together my own so they're personalised/look like they're more effort

    - Natalie

    1. I do love a good hamper! I have made my own one as well but there's so many options to choose from the pre made ones nowadays that I don't think it needs to be own made to be special :)

  2. I'd love to find any of these under my Christmas Tree! Especially any of the teapigs goodies! x

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! I do love the teapigs goodies :)

  3. The Antrhopologie cup is definitely my favourite! x

    1. I love it as well! Might need to go get one for myself too haha

  4. I love the Joybelles hamper, just tried to buy it for a friend...but was too late, it's out of stock :( It's given me some inspiration though. Great list Dei xx

  5. Drinks, teas and foods are always the best gifts! Thank you for sharing :)

  6. Candy, Candles and Tea. All of my favorite thing! And honestly my Boyfriend would love getting any of these gifts too (minus the tea... he oddly doesn't like tea). Truly a unisex list :)

    Alisha |


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