Quick Trip To The Beatiful Copenhagen

Last week I went on a quick work trip to Copenhagen.

We had a really productive meeting at Republikken, which is a really awesome creative working space/cafe where I had the best ginger beer that I have ever tasted!

My pictures really don't do the cafe any justice.

After the meeting we went to Tivoli which is a famous amusement park and pleasure garden where we had dinner on a pirate ship restaurant and then went on two different rollercoasters and played many carnival games. I pretty much sucked at them all apart from dart throwing at balloons! It turns out I'm pretty good at darts...
Tivoli is really magical at night, full of fairy lights, lanterns and lots of cute little cafes and gift shops. I didn't take my camera with me for the fear that I was going to have one too many cocktails and break it, but if you get a chance you definitely visit it!

The following morning we went for breakfast at Kaffebar which served great coffee and a nice continental breakfast with bread that was straight out of the oven.

After the very filling breakfast we talked by the canal and took a canal boat tour which I would really recommend, especially if like us you're only there for a flying visit as we got to see so much of the city in just an hour.

The streets of Copenhagen are very clean, very wide and full of georgeous colourful buildings. 

I loved all the architecture and vibrance of the city. I will definitely be coming back and hopefully exploring more next time!


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