5 Reasons Why You Need To Drink Cocoa

The days are quickly getting shorter and our nights are getting colder. There is nothing quite like a hot drink as soon as you get home and out of the cold.
Hot chocolate is many peoples drink of choice and it's easy to see to see why it's creamy, warming, sweet and just plain delicious.

Unfortunately it's usually full of empty calories, sugar, fat and little else. Which is exactly the reason why I have swapped hot chocolate for Hot Cocoa, well that and I also think it tastes way better.

Hot Cocoa used to be the Hot Chocolate around the world until the processed and sweetened alternatives became available to buy.

Here's 5 Reasons why you should drink Hot Cacao

1. It's a natural source of Antioxidants. In fact the antioxidant concentration which can be two or three times that of Green Tea and Red Wine

2. Just one cup a day increases the Blood Flow and Oxygen to the brain by 4%. Which will improve your Concentration.

3. Get all the benefits and taste of Chocolate without all the added fat and sugar.

4. Get Happier - the flovanoids found in cocoa are proven to lower blood pressure and therefore will make you feel more relaxted.

5. Did I mention that It's Delicious?



1 Generous Teaspoon of Cocoa Powder

Skimmed Milk

A teaspoon of Honey To Sweeten or A couple Marshmallows to Sweeten


Put the cocoa in the cup and add a little hot milk, then mix it up until the cocoa has become a runny thick texture.
Add the rest of your milk and honey and give it a good stir.
Add a couple of marshmallows on top wait for them to melt and enjoy!

I have personally grown accustom to the taste of it so much that I usually have it without any sweetener at all.

Want to be bad?

Follow the recipe above, but instead of honey and marshmallows add Bayleys or Irish Cream to the mix. It's my Christmas special..

I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

Till next time, Dei x

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  1. Im a sucker for any mildly festive drink, Cacao being one of them! At least I can feel slightly less guilty now that I know it has health benefits too! x

  2. Lexie no guilt shoulf be felt over something this delicious! :) x

  3. One of my favourite things about winter, hot chocolate !! x


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