3 Tips To Avoid Holiday Disasters When Travelling With Your Loved One

They say that you never truly get to know someone like you do when you live or travel with them. I must say that I definitely believe this to be true. Often when you take your fist holiday with your loved one, it can make or break for the relationship. 

Me and the boy have been together for almost 5 years and have been on a few holidays together, actually only yesterday we got back from a two week road trip around California ( some posts about it are coming soon!).

Whether you’re about to go on your very fist holiday with your partner or you’ve already been on lots and would like to have the best time possible I’ve got some tips to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

1. Have an open mind. 

This is relevant for pretty much the whole holiday, starting from where you stay, to where you eat and to what activities you do. I went on my first holiday with the boy a couple of years ago and we did an inter rail trip around Europe. We were both students at that point so travelling in luxury wasn’t an option. I suggested that we stay in hostels and because he’d never experienced them before, he was expecting the worst.
This meant that our first day of travelling until we got to the hostel was a night mare, he was so so grumpy because he was expecting to turn up to some dingy place full of cockroaches. In reality the hostel was perfectly clean and lovely, we had an amazing time and saved lots of money. Don’t be afraid of trying something, new it could be great!

2. Pack Snacks

From my experience this is one of the most important tips when going on holiday. No matter where we go we usually spend hours walking around and exploring different areas and there’s nothing worse than being hungry.
We both like eating good food and so don’t like stopping at the first place I see, this means that it can take a while to find somewhere to eat. Both me and the boy are guilty of getting short and snappy when we’re hungry and when you’re spending twenty four hours a day with someone you can’t help but take it out on them. I tend to have some fruit, or cereal bars with me at all times.

3. Discuss your holiday expectations 

Me and the boy went to Malta two years ago for seven days. I was really hoping to spend at least a couple hours on each day either on the beach or by the pool sunbathing and reading my book. This did not happen. Once we got to Malta I quickly learned that he hates sunbathing or spending too much time by the water because he finds it boring. 
Of course I wanted us to both have a holiday that we enjoyed so we booked some day trips and activities that we both loved and visited a couple of the more scenic beaches. We pretty much explored all of Malta in the seven days that we were there. I didn’t get the tan that I wanted, but I had an amazing time seeing the country. 
Although if I just want cocktails by the beach I think I’ll be booking a sunny getaway with my girlfriends next time.  I would recommend that you have a talk with your loved one about their holiday expectations and ensure that they match your own prior to going away.

For some more tips, check out this Travel Supermarket post full of advice.
Have you got any funny stories and tips to share from travels with your partner?

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  1. Yes!!! Snacks are so important to avoid the hanger haha x


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