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Manahatta bar and restaurant in Leeds is situated on the bustling Merrion Street. It's a New York style bar and it's one of my favourite spots on a night out because of it's spacious, funky decor and great tunes.

Although I've danced many nights away on Manahattas dancefloor I have to say that I've never eaten there before...until now that is! I got invited to try the new healthy additions to the menu - power bowls and since I already love the place once the sun goes down I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see it in daylight for once too.

Food at  Manahatta Leeds

Before I get into the food I have to share some interior photos of Manahatta because I think that it's funky, colourful and classy at the same time. I've never been to New York but I can definitely imagine coming across a place like this.

Manahatta Leeds interiors
Manahatta Leeds interior decor
Manahatta Leeds interiors

Now onto the food: there's two different power bowls to choose from the Nourish bowl which is full of leafy greens, avocado, hoummus, chickpeas, artichoke hearts and other crunchy veggies and the Duck Ramen Bowl which consists of shredded duck, courgette and mooli noodles, pak choi, bean sprouts, spiced Asian both topped off with a soft boiled egg.

On the website it states that they're full of vegetables and lean protein which makes it the perfect healthy meal. I have to be honest usually every time I order a 'healthy' meal when eating out I am instantly filled with regret as soon as I taste it and left wishing that I ordered a burger. I was intrigued by the power bowls and wondered if I would have the same reaction *drum roll* I didn't!

I ordered the Nourish bowl and the boy had the Duck Ramen bowl. The Nourish bowl had lots of different flavours and textures, it was crunchy, creamy and fresh. The sunflowers seeds, hoummus and artichokes added an exciting twist to the dish and pulled all of the flavours together nicely.
Manahatta Leeds Food menu
Manahatta Leeds Food
Manahatta Leeds food

The Duck Ramen bowl was hearty, warming and flavoursome. The egg was still runny in the middle and cooked to perfection and the duck was melt in your mouth tender. I absolutely love vegetables and live on them daily but if you're one of those people who wants to eat healthy but loves noodles and carbs then I would recommend you go for the Duck Ramen bowl, it's very fragrant and full of spices and herbs. The boy said the mooli and courgette noodles ( for anyone like me who didn't know what mooli was it's a mild-flavoured winter radish) were delicious and he didn't end up in a carb coma so it's a win!

Review of Manahatta Leeds

We also had some starters to accompany the power bowls, I had the Satay Chicken Skewers and the boy had Terriyaki Belly Pork. My first impression was "WOW the presentation is so insta worthy" if you're a blogger and reading this you'll know that's a very big compliment if you're not a blogger then what I mean is that the starters were presented simply beautifully.

Great attention to detail in food presentation makes me very happy and I think that when you're out for a meal and parting with your hard earned cash it makes the eating out experience all the more special. Especially when it tastes just as good as it looks. My chicken skewers were succulent, moist and full of flavour. The belly work was the first of its kind that we've tried and the Japanese spice twist really worked and it was delicious.

You can take a look at the full Manahatta menu here. You'll be pleased to know that Arc Inspirations now offer power bowls in all of their bar/restaurants and some have even more variation. Banyan which is another favourite of mine and situated across the road from the train station also has even more options which I'm sure I'll be trying soon.

I would highly recommend that you hit up Manahatta next time you're in town wanting to shake 'it' to some funky music whilst sipping delicious drinks or if you're looking for a brunch, lunch or dinner spot.

*Manahatta have kindly invited me for a complimentary meal to review their menu but this post isn't sponsored and all of my opinions as always are 100% my own!*

Manahatta Leeds Interiors

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