I Challenge You To: Love Yourself

All of the recent news report about Mental Health have really startled me and got me thinking that so many us at some point in our lifes have probably been depressed or just really unhappy but we just don't talk about it.

Statistically January is the most depressing month of the year. In all honesty I'm really not surprised because it's cold, grey and all of us are usually a little broke and that little bit heavier after Christmas.

Winter has always been a hard season for me as ever since I was little.

I used to get cold after cold, chest infection after chest infection, which meant that I spent a large amount of time at home not allowed to go out or in hospital. I guess that's probably one of the main reasons why me and Winter aren't such good friends.

Once I hit my teenage years I started to experience symptoms of the Season Affected Disorder (SAD). It wasn't so bad when I lived with my parents, but once I came to university I really felt it. To the point where I was even contemplating quitting my course because I felt so deeply unhappy one January about 3 years ago. I didn't know why I felt the way I did at the time, you usually never do until you get out of that emotional state of mind.

Once the sun started coming back and I was able to take walks in the sunshine and spend more time outdoors all of a sudden I felt happy again. Just like that. Crazy isn't it?

That's when I started doing some research and realised that there is things you can do to feel happier in Winter. I've recently written a post about detailing 10 things I do to stay happy and motivated in winter.

No matter the weather there are always our everyday insecurities. We always tend to compare ourselves to other people.

That girl might have hair that falls so nicely all the time. Your friend might have the most perfect complexion. Your sister might be the 'the skinny one'. The blogger you follow has the most amazing wardrobe.

We constantly want things that we don't have and in doing so lessen our self worth. If you are reading this right now let me tell you that You Are Beautiful. In your own very way.

All the other people that we look up to and feel envious of, they most definitely also have bad hair days and compare themselves to someone else who is 'better'.

I challenge you to stop worrying about all of that and Love Yourself. Once you truly love yourself, everything else will fall into place.

Buy yourself some flowers, indulge in a bubble bath, buy that book you have been meaning to read for aeons.

Do whatever makes you happy.

On Saturday I did just that. I went to the market bought myself lots of fresh fruit and some beautiful roses.

I absolutely adore flowers, but I used to feel like I had to wait for my boyfriend to buy them for me. Why? I have no idea it just seemed like it was a strange thing to do to buy flowers for yourself but now I really don't care!

The soft orange colour of the roses reminded me of a warm summer sunset and have really brightened up my day and my living room. The roses smell beautiful too as you can see from the photos below my kitten Sunny agrees.

Have a very Happy Monday.

Till next time,


  1. This is such good advice! The winter can be so horrible and it takes a lot of motivation to go outside when it's much warmer and drier inside, but it's worth getting some fresh air. Those roses are beautiful, you've brought the sun indoors :) and your kitten is super cute too!

    Hannah xxx

    1. Hey Hannah, thanks so much for checking this out and taking the time to comment, I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. Stay tuned the kitten pictures make a regular appearance haha x

  2. First of all I really love the images, they are so nice! I also find this to be a very interesting and important topic and it's true in January I normally feel a bit uncreative and down, so I'm definitely agree with you that you should remember to love yourself and not compare yourself to other too much.

    Much love xxx

    1. Thanks so much Christina, it took me a while to get the lighting right :) really glad that you found this post useful! x

  3. This is such a lovely post, Deimante. I think we're all - girls especially - guilty of comparing ourselves to other people and beating ourselves up for not being 'perfect'. It's so silly - if my friend compares herself negatively to another girl, I'm the first to reassure her of her own personal wonderful-ness, but then I'll compare myself to someone else and end up feeling crap!


    p.s. those roses are so beautiful - and I love, love, love that your kitten is called Sunny!

    1. Hey Charlene,

      Thank you so much. I completely agree with you. I'm getting better to not compare myself to others but it's taken a while to get there. Please don't feel crappy, you're beautiful! Everyone things I named my kitten after the blog but we did it because his mum was called Sky and he was wearing a little yellow collar when we first met him :)

  4. YOUR CAT OH MY GOD <3333

    1. Glad you like him Mildred!! He's the most adorable, annoying, fluffy creature ever :)

  5. I buy myself flowers a lot, it always makes me cheerful to have them in the house! Yours are beautiful :)


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