Travel On A Budget - Amazing Prague Pt 2

Prague city landscape from the castle complex
Last month I visited Prague with the boy and his family. I’ve written about our hotel and what we got up to on the first two days here: Amazing Prague Pt 1

On the third day of our visit, we decided to go on another walking tour - The Castle tour. With the same cheery American Guide, Keith. Unlike the other tour this one wasn't free, it cost 250 Czceck crowns each. The tour was about 3 hours long.

Snapshots of Prague Entertainment in Prague City Square

I loved these bubble performers!

Astronomical clock in Prague city square

Entertainment in Prague old town square

Group photo in Prague's Old Town Square

Food stalls in Prague's Old Town square

Food stalls in Prague's old town square

Hand made potato crisps in Prague's Old Town Square
Hand made potato crips
Food stalls in Old Town Prague

handmade potato chips in Prague Old Town square

Prague city architecture

To get to the castle we crossed Charles Bridge, a famous historic bridge which overlooks the river. If you want something to remember Prague by I would recommend going back there on your own as there are lots of people selling artwork, jewellery and handmade souvenirs.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle in the distance
Prague Castle

Charles Bridge Prague

Prague Castle

Prague castle is very different to any kind of castle I’ve seen before, it consists of different architectural styles so it seems like it’s just a lot of buildings all joined up together. According to the Guinness Book of World records Prague castle is the largest castle complex in the world! No wonder the tour took 3 hours.

Me looking very cold
Changing of the guard at Prague Castle

We witnessed the changing of the guard, which happens on the hour until 8pm. It’s such a majestic process, the guards march perfectly synchronized step by step and flip their guns around. Also at 12pm every day a fanfare and banner exchange takes place. There was also a guy who is there every single day protesting against the government and has been coming there every single day for 5 years! 

Saint Vitus Cathedral Prague

Saint Vitus Cathedral Prague

Within the castle complex itself sits the St. Vitus Cathedral, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals I’ve ever seen. It was built and developed over hundreds of years, many architects and builders spent their entire lives working on just this one magnificent build.

The castle complex is quite high up so the views of the city are simply stunning.

Beautiful architecture in Prague

Prague views from the castle complex

Prague views from the castle complex

Food and Drink

We read about a Brewery based in a Monastery and were really keen to try the beer which is brewed by the monks. After the tour we were hungry and thirsty, so decided to make our way to Klášterní pivovar Strahov (Strahov Monastery Brewery). It’s only about a 20 minute walk from the castle.

The brewery pub was very busy and atmospheric, we had to share our table with strangers, which is the only way to get seated without waiting for a long time. The beer was amazing as was the food! In fact, I think this might have been my favorite restaurant/pub out of all the places that we visited.

The boys had goulash and I had grilled chicken breasts served with salad and fried potato wedges.

The menu had allergen indicators so it was really easy for me to see which meals were gluten free and the staff were really helpful.

Strahow Monastery Brewery in Prague

Goulash from Strahov Monastery Brewery in Prague

Food at the Strahov Monastery Brewery in Prague

To sample more beers we went into the Klášterní restaurant, which is the biggest restaurant in Prague! Laura, Elaine and I had hot chocolates and coffee, which were delicious.

The restaurant/bar itself was really bright and traditionally decorated, I would highly recommend that you pay it a visit. We didn’t order any food as we had just eaten, but dishes that people near us were eating looked amazing, and the portions seemed really big too!

Largest non smoking restaurant in Prague

Largest non smoking restaurant in Prague

Largest non smoking restaurant in Prague

A blog post about a weekend trip to Prague

Hot chocolate at largest non smoking restaurant in Prague

After the drinks we walked to Petrin Hill and went rode on the Funicular Railway. To anyone who like me isn’t familiar with what that is, it’s essentially a train that goes down/up a steep hill. I thought it would be really scary, but the train goes quite slow, either way it’s an experience nonetheless!

Funicular Railway in Prague

Funicular Railway in Prague

After some further exploring I spotted an ice cream cafe, knowing how much Oli’s dad loves ice cream I suggested we gave it a try. The cafe was called Angelato and ice cream was luscious, the kind you just can’t buy in a shop. I really loved the decor of the cafe too, it was playful, minimal and modern.

Angelato ice cream parlour in Prague

Angelato ice cream parlour in Prague
In love with this piece of art work!
Angelato Ice cream parlour in Prague

Angelato Ice cream cafe in Prague

Angelato ice cream cafe in Prague

Ice cream at Angelato in Prague

I came across this amazing art work nearby Angelato.

Street art in Prague

Prague is such a gorgeous historical place, full of amazing architecture and cheap beer! It’s definitely one of my favourite places.

Prague Old Town Square at night time

If you’re planning to visit I hope this post has been helpful!

Until next time,

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  1. That ice cream shop is the cutest place ever!! Also very envious of your hot choc. I can't believe how fairytale like all the architecture looks. I can't wait to visit!

    Sarah xxx ||

  2. Oh wow, I loved all of the photos and your writing style is quite informative without being overwhelming! :) I'm especially salivating over all of the food pictures, and will make a note to visit everywhere you've been. Sightseeing-wise, I'm definitely going to check out the 12pm changing of the guards! x


  3. Beautiful photos here! I love those shots across the river and the architecture here looks amazing. Lovely post! - Tasha

  4. Ahhhh, I'm so glad you went to Prague and enjoyed it (me being a Czech and all that proud business). It's certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, also very romantic. We love our food and beer, haha...portions are always huge!

    Dash | Mode Lily


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