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I've had to wear glasses ever since I was 14. I'm short-sighted, which means that I can't really leave my house without them. I wear my glasses every single day and so it's really important that I like them! I know many people whose confidence has been really affected by the fact that they have to wear glasses. Nowadays there are so many different frames to choose from that this really shouldn't be the case.

However, I know better than anyone that shopping for new glasses can be a really stressful experience. Last time I bought new glasses I visited 6 different opticians, before I found a pair that I loved. The boy visited 3 and my friend Kate gave up completely after visiting 4 different opticians.

When the lovely guys from Scarlett of Soho got in touch with me, I was absolutely delighted.

They offer a quick, hassle free subscription service which allows you to pick one or two new pairs of glasses a year!

You can pick 3 pairs of glasses to try on at home for 7 days completely free of charge!
The process was so quick and easy! I went onto their website  and had my three pairs of glasses picked out within 15 minutes and the try at home kit arrived within two days.

Having a second opinion on glasses is always a great idea, but unfortunately you can't bring all of your friends and family shopping with you. The try at home kit from Scarlett of Soho has really solved that issue and I was able to get second opinions about which pair I should keep from my friends.

The package came in a lovely cardboard box, which my cat Sunny was really impressed by!

Leeds based lifestyle blog

Leeds based lifestyle blog
 They've added a Mars bar to the try at home kit which I thought was really sweet! The day I received the package my diet plan went out the window...

Leeds based lifestyle blog

Leeds based lifestyle blog
Leeds based lifestyle blog

Leeds based lifestyle blog

Leeds based lifestyle blog
Leeds based lifestyle blog
I'm so very impressed with the quality of these glasses, the frames feel really sturdy and well manufactured. It's been a really a hard decision which glasses to keep because I actually love all of them! In the end I've settled on the pair below.

I absolutely love the colour of these glasses and I think the shape is really funky, they're so different from anything I've ever owned I can't wait to wear them.

Would you like to give this awesome service a try? You can order your own try at home kit here.

If you find a pair you like all you need to do is sign up and send an email with your prescription details, you will then get a call from one of the lovely staff and Scarlett of Soho and you should have your glasses with you very soon!

There are two subscription plans to choose from: 1 pair of glasses per year for £15 a month or 2 pairs of glasses per year for £20 a month.

You can keep up to date with Scarlett of Soho on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

If you do decide to sign up (which I think you should!) you can have the first month of subscripton for free by using a code available exclusively to sunnydei readers: SD2015

*Products sent by Scarlett of Soho, but the review is 100% my honest opinion.

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  1. That is such a good idea! I hate picking out glasses in the opticians, it takes so long and there's never anyone around to give you true opinions! The pair you picked really suit you! x

    1. I think so too, it just makes it so easy! Thanks so much Laura, I love them :) x

  2. You look adorable in all of these! And any chocolate bonus can only be a good thing :)

  3. That service seems quite convenient. It’s great that it has helped you a lot, given how you've been more or less required to wear glasses since you were a little kid. I hope those pair of glasses last for a long time. Cheers!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes


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