Candy Hero Leeds

A little while ago the guys behind the Candy Hero sweet shop sent me a friendly email inviting me over to their store to sample some goodies. 

Of course I couldn't say no. Because despite eating really healthy most of the time I totally like 
to binge of chocolate and all things sweet at the weekends.  I think it's safe to say that no one does sweets and chocolates quite like the Americans. They have numerous combinations of chocolate/peanut butter/caramel goodness most of which can be found at Candy Hero. Their selections of Reese's chocolates is very very impressive, they stock some chocolate bars that I didn't even know existed!

Candy Hero store in Leeds also stocks a very impressive variety of Skittles, M&Ms and Jelly Beans, some of which I have never seen anywhere else.

Usually American Sweet stores are known to be really expensive, but I found that the prices at Candy Hero were very reasonable and much cheaper than most of the other shops I've been to. This is great because I really do have a thing for Reese's pieces and cups and crave it all the time.
I left the shop with a goody bag full of randomly picked treats.

I loved all the chocolate and sweets but I must say the Jolokia Pepper crips were just too much. After eating just one I had to down a pint of water because my mouth was burning (unless you have a high tolerance for chilli I would not recommend them)!

You can have a look at the product they stock on the Candy Hero website and you can find the shop in Leeds city centre: 38A Lands Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 6LB
If you have a sweet tooth and would like to try something new, I highly recommend you give this shop a try!

'Till next time,



  1. Oh my gosh, I definitely need to visit this place! When I was at university in Bath there was a retro sweet store there but it's stock of Americans sweets was a lot smaller than this place. This looks like candy heaven! Will definitely be making a trip at some point. Great post! - Tasha

  2. I completely forgot to add yesterday, I got my Soot Sprite a while ago from this Etsy store here - They don't seem to have any more at the moment, but it's worth sending them a message and asking if they could make one again? They do have some very cute stickers on there at the moment. Otherwise, a search for Soot Sprite on there brings up a whole host of cute things!

    1. Thanks so much Natasha! I will check their little shop out :) I replied ages ago on my phone but my comment didn't save and I just realised it by chance! x


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