It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Hello there,
This year I feel really Christmassy. It seems I got a little bit of the childlike excitement back which I had pretty much lost over the last couple of years.
This year is the first year that me and the boy are living together by ourselves. Previously we both lived as housemates who were also a couple with our friends. It was lots of fun, however it's nice to finally have a place that we can make our own. 
This meant it's also our first ever year shopping for Christmas decorations and boy was it exciting!
Below you can see how we have made our flat feel more cosy and christmassy.


We have been burning scented candles every evening as soon as we get in from work, which not only makes the flat smell nice but also creates a very warm, cosy atmosphere. 
I love love the candle cage holder above. It was a flat warming present from our friends so unfortunately I have no idea where it's from, I shall ask though!

The Morrisons in Leeds had Pussy Willlow for sale for only £2!
When I saw it I got really really excited because Pussy Willlow ( in Lithuanian knowns Kačiukai - kittens) has been one of my favourites trees since I was a little girl. They are literally furry and when you touch them they are as soft as kittens! After a couple of weeks they bloom into nice yellow blossoms.
You usually can't find them until the early spring so I wonder how Morrisons got a hold of them. Perhaps Global Warming is to blame?

We didn't have a big budget for our Christmas decorations so we got some cheap tinsel and tree baubles from Primark.
I was actually really pleasantly surprised at the choice they had available and how good the decorations looked for the price that they were.

We got a pack of 12 bauble pieces for £1.50 can you believe it?! The pack contained sparkly gold baubles, matte gold ones and textured ones. We also bought a pack pine cones which have a dusting of gold glitter on them and a pack of different textured gold stars. All together this only came to £8.50 and they look great on the tree.

We also went to Next and bought 5 more baubles. A glass one which you can see below. It opens and you can put whatever you want to inside.
I think that's a really cool design because it means we will be able to change it up every year. This is it's two pine cones.
We also bought 4 glass gold speckled baubles which looks really classy go very well with the rest of our gold theme. All together those 5 pieces came to £15.

We found the start for our tree from Wilkos. It's a wireframe LED start with twine and berries running through it. It looks excellent both with the lights on an off. It cost £10 and came with batteries.
We also put up some gold fairy lights which we had laying around from previous years.

First Present is already under the tree!

The paper star light is probably my favourite light I've ever owned. It's got such an intricate design. Oli bought me it for Christmas two years ago from the Leeds German Market. I have checked and the light stall is still here this year so if you are in Leeds you can get yourself one. They sell different designs in different sizes and all of them are stunning. You can also find them in Clas Olson and Ikea, but you won't have as much choice in the colour or design.

Of course no Christmas wouldn't be complete without a nice set of pyjamas. These ones where a present from the boys parents. The pyjamas and my fleece poncho is the most comfortable combination ever, which means this I basically live in them throughout the winter. 

How are you preparing for Christmas this year? 

Till next time,



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  2. The photos that you took are soo pretty! Makes me really excited for Christmas.
    Gift shopping is definitely my fav part!

    1. Thanks Cristiania! :) Ah I love gift shopping but some things I left quite late which is going to be stressful now ha

  3. Hiii!!! I really love your blog!! You make amazing pictures!!!! I love how you can create a cozy atmosphere with just some pictures!!

    1. Thank you so much Margot! this has just made my morning :)

  4. I can't believe I've gone this whole time without even hearing of those trees before haha and the place is looking really nice and cozy now too.

    1. They are amazing! I think they are a lot more common in Lithuania than in England though :) thanks Lucy!


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