Search For A Christmas Outfit

Just over a week a go me and my lovely friend Kate had a girly day together. We explored the cobbled streets by the canal, had a mini photoshoot and did some Christmas shopping. 
After the taking some photos we were absolutely freezing so we stopped off for a much needed coffee break.

We both realised that we didn't have a designated Christmas outfit so we went on a mission to find one. To have a bit of fun we tried on lots of outfit combinations from H&M.  Since I had my camera with me we took some photos.

Kate fell I'm love with this playsuit which cost £29.99.
The images don't do the colour justice it's a really deep emerald green.
You can buy it online here.

I really liked this play suit because it looked so different and unique. I decided not to buy it in the end because I know I'll never wear it but I do really like it! It cost £50.

Another outfit combination which I tried on was the flowery shirt and the polka dot trousers. This combo isn't particularly Christmassy but I tried it on for fun. I thought they would look ridiculous together but actually I rather like the combination.
The trousers were so flattering. They pulled me up in all the right places and were so so comfortable.

As much as I loved the trousers I wasn't too keen on the multicoloured dots simply because I haven't got enough tops and shirts that I could pair them with. As I'm trying to save the very limited space I have available in the wardrobe I didn't buy them in the end. They were only £12.99 and I will be going back to H&M to check out if any new patterns are available.

I absolutely fell in love with the shirt which I have been wearing lots since I bought it. The material is lovely and soft and it was only £12.99. You can buy it here.

We both really liked these heels which seemed to go with everything. Despite them being quite high they were really comfortable. They were either £30.

As you can tell I was very happy about finding the shirt.

I guess the search for a Christmas outfit will have to continue, although I am running out of time!

Have a sunnydei!

Deimante x


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