Winter Fashion Essentials For A Frosty Day Out

Yesterday me and my best friend Kate decided to take advantage of the fact that it wasn't pouring it down with rain (such is life living in the North!)  and went exploring the little cobbled streets by the Leeds Canal. 

It's getting colder by the day and although we haven't had any snow yet that frosty December feeling is definitely in the air.
The city streets are bustling with shoppers, pop up hot drinks vendors and everything sparkles once the sun goes down. The Christmas month.

As magical as December is I think winter is the hardest time of the year to dress for. Often we have to compromise looking good for staying warm or vice versa.
I usually wear about 4 layers which can be a real pain; it keeps me warm for my daily walk to the train station but as soon as I get on the train I am sweating like there's no tomorrow trying to get all my layers off as quick as possible only just to put them back on 35 minutes later when I get off the train.

The following  are my winter fashion essentials:

Warm Coat
Water Proof Shoes
Water Proof Ankle Boots
A statement Necklace (or 4)
Wooly Tights
Chunky Scarf 
Warm Jumpers
Warm Hat

We took some pictures of our chosen outfits for our frosty day out, which as anything we do together turned to be heaps of fun!

Our hands were turning more zombie white/blue by the minute due to the cold so we decided to take a much needed hand cream break.

Kate checking if the appearance of her hands has improved.

Spinning and jumping around also helps to warm up.
We spotted an opportunity for some casual climbing...

Kate Wears:
Coat - Zara
Shoes - Topshop 
Dress - Zara
Cardigan - Her Mum Knitted it
Bag - River Island

I'm Wearing:

Coat - M&S
Shoes - Atmosphere 
Jumper- Primark
Shirt - Vintage Find
Bag - Primark
Trousers - Not sure was a present from Mama
Glasses - Rayban
Necklace - Auction won from Ebay
Rings - Bought from different places

I absolutely love my vibrant red coat, winter is so grey and colourless comparing to the summer months and the colour of it uplifts me every time I wear it. In fact it might just be my favourite winter coat that I have ever owned, it's really warm and believe it or not but it's actually my third season wearing it day in and out! The quality is simply superb.

Kate enjoying the warmth of my scarf as she forgot her own.

We spent the rest of the day shopping and sipping hot drinks. I shall share with you some of our further fashion adventures and H&M buys in another post.

Have a sunnydei! (hehe couldn't help myself)

Deimante x



  1. SUCH a fan of the green shoes and red coat! :D my red duffle coat is one of my faves as well. Properly cheers up the grey winter days! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Thanks Katy! :) I feel very christmassy wearing both together haha xx


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