Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals (Pt 2)

Christmas has been and gone, but me and the boy were lucky to have two Christmasses this year!

One with his family in England and a postponed Christmas with my Lithuanian family in Northern Ireland.

My mum is an absolutely amazing cook. She always makes amazing food when I come which I can't find anywhere else. 

Lithuanian food is very different from English and Irish. We eat lots of soups, meat, potatoes, herring and pickled vegetables. We pickle cabbage, peppers, gherkins, and now I have even tasted pickled tomatoes which are amazing!

The Lithuanian kitchen is quite similar to the German cousine

We also don't just have one Christmas dinner as such, my mum will make lots of different dishes and we eat a little bit of everyrthing.

One of my favourite foods which mum always makes for Christmas is a herring and carrot and onion salad. 

Another salad, which always makes an appearance on our Christmas table is a special Lithuanian potato salad, which although doesn't look too apetising tastes absolutely amazing. 

Of course there is also my mums special roast chicken, which she marinades in garlic, spices and herbs before cooking. 

This year my parents bought some smoked Carp. I really like fish but as a kid I always hated carp, I decided to give it a try and it was delicious! My taste buds must be maturing. 

We also had seafood sticks lightly fried in mums homemade batter. They are mega yummy!

For dessert mum made a delicious no bake caramel wafer cafe, three layer Berry Jelly with peaches and poppy seed and hazelnut cake accompanied by some shop bought biscuits and chocolates.

Does your family serve up anything unusual on Christmas Day? 

Till next time,

Dei x

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  1. This was SO interesting to read! I am a fussy beggar of an eater and don't like fish but I love how different this all is to a 'traditional British' Xmas roast!! Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    Ps. You are beautiful! I can't stop looking at your display photo! haha

  2. Thank you so much Danielle, you have just made my evening!!

    ps. It's just a good angle haha ;)

  3. Really enjoyed this post, so interesting to have an insight into different cultures cuisines, particularly over Christmas!! :)

    Happy New Year, Taz x


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